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madewithgarageband t1_irsh161 wrote

As opposed to…stripping the Earth of crude oil and fracking? Or are you proposing we go back to the 1800s


Frubanoid t1_irs78m2 wrote

In the US mines are required to set aside money for cleanup before they even break ground. So at least there's that.


fungussa t1_irslsjl wrote

Not at all. Tech has already been developed to fully recycle lithium and solar tech is being developed that won't use any toxic / rare materials. Though more importantly, unlike fossil fuels, renewable tech is not undermining the Earth's capacity to sustain life.


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fungussa t1_irsxkk4 wrote

It's low, on both counts. But all environmental impacts from renewable tech is entirely irrelevant when one considers that the continued use of fossil fuels risks the collapse of modern civilisation.


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DirtyLucinaMain t1_irtxlcm wrote

"Tech is always improving" you're right! Renewables are well on their way to becoming infinitely better than your corporate shill fuck the planet bullshit.


kaminaowner2 t1_irtk4ab wrote

Actually even our strip mines are becoming more green, as machines that once where gas powered are becoming electric. Right now every ton of lithium lets out about a 2 tons of carbon, but that number is both dropping and less than a gas powered vehicle produces in a year. So as long as you drive your EV for 5 plus years yes, it is unapologetically a step in the right direction.