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BuckRogers87 t1_irxnnuk wrote

I’ve heard that towing in an ev truck isn’t efficient at all.


fallingcats_net t1_iry9wsq wrote

Towing is not "inefficient" it just takes more energy. While that's exactly the same for a gas powered car, you probably notice it more in an electric car because your range was more limited to start with.


PM_meyourGradyWhite t1_irzbvlb wrote

My 28 year old truck gets 10 mpg empty. Seven mpg towing. My range is significantly reduced. I’d expect the same with EV.


knowitallz t1_irxzgt0 wrote

It's not efficient to tow sure. But an ICE engine is usually a lot of energy gone to waste. Where an electric is not. So yeah it creates drag and also it's heavier so more energy needed. So for a person that needs towing they may have to get a heavier duty or longer range battery that doesn't yet exist.


BuckRogers87 t1_iry7jfj wrote

Saw a guy shoot a video on his new ford lightning. Had a 200 mile charge. Drove a trip of roughly 45 to 50 miles, first was just a trailer, and it ate up his entire charge. Towed approximately 3500 lbs.


gemstun t1_irz85q1 wrote

Wait a minute…based on all the NFL commercials, I thought most pickups were purchased for hauling redwood tree trunks, tractors, and locomotives?


spoollyger t1_irxrtfb wrote

Yes, this is what they would love you to think. Keep buying gas.


Unclehooptiepie t1_iry6nfe wrote

It's literally true. I'm all for electric and I hate that the right wing uses the fact the f150 gets shit mileage towing as some checkmate agaist electric but it is fact. What's also fact is that most people who own half tons rarely ever tow so for most its not a issue. Once prices come down I would love to have one.


spoollyger t1_iry71sd wrote

I wonder if gas vehicles lose range when towing?


sanitarystapler t1_iry8r1g wrote

They do. Though I usually get more than 50 percent of the normal range, I also slow down quite a bit for stability.

The real issue is this. You can carry more energy in the gas/diesel truck and fill it up in 5-10 minutes. If I'm towing a car or whatever I'm not on a sight seeing vacation where I want to hang out for 30 minutes to an hour every 150 miles.

That's such a specific use though. Currently I borrow or rent a truck to do it. I do see electric trucks making sense for in town deliveries. Which is all stop and go so it will also make the biggest difference there.


spoollyger t1_irybzpb wrote

I feel like you may benefit from renting a Tesla and trying out the charging yourself. 10-15 min charges are more than enough to top up 50-75% and gain roughly 400km range. Enough time to grab a coffee, or in my experiment while on holiday, watch a Netflix show with my partner while we waited. It really wasn’t that bad. Especially when you are waking up every day with 100% charge. Sure, towing will reduce range and yeah, you will REALLY want a long range model if you are towing. But then general consensus of how long it takes to charge is being blown up a little. You don’t need to charge to 100% and in most cases you’ll never want too. That last 15% will take 3-4 times longer to charge than the first 50%. So micro charging every 200-300kms is just fine and that’ll take around 10mins.


sanitarystapler t1_iryft3h wrote

I like electric cars. Wish I could afford one for the small amount I drive in town. A solo would currently meet my needs much more than a tesla though.

I was specifically talking about towing longer distances.. Just go ahead and cut the distance the energy should carry you in half. Also tesla states their fast charger does 200mi in 15 minutes. So Instead of a 4 minute fill (gas pumps are limited to 10gpm), I'm looking at 15 minutes for 1/3 of capability in distance. (figuring a mid size truck with a 36 gallon tank would get 8-12 mpg towing)

Once again, when I'm towing I'm not there to watch Netflix and drink coffee. I would still rather rent a ic vehicle.


Unclehooptiepie t1_irzp3x8 wrote

That's also with lacking infrastructure to charge. If the world goes electric rather than hydrogen I know charging stations won't be an issue but currently depending on where you live it may be. Two years ago i bought a new car and it will be my last ICE daily driver.


80rexij t1_irxtay4 wrote

There's nothing to think about, the electric f150 is proving that the current generation of electric pickups suck at towing. I'm sure it will get better but we're not there yet


PeteWenzel OP t1_irxudib wrote

Outside the US that’s really a non-issue isn’t it? In the other two Auto markets (China and the EU) pickups make up a vanishingly small percentage of overall sales.


s0cks_nz t1_irxz323 wrote

Unfortunately down under here in Aussie and New Zealand, we love pickups too. I am seeing a lot of other EVs on the road too though.


redd-zeppelin t1_iryg9m8 wrote

It's not an issue here in the US either. Unless you REGULARLY tow a boat across a large state, you won't ever run into this "devastating weakness".

According to Edwards', 75 percent of truck owners use their truck for towing one time a year or less (meaning likely never).

It's a none issue for most people, for whom an EV truck is already a wildly superior choice.


80rexij t1_irxvmon wrote

If Rivian gets past the recall Europe can join the chat. I suspect they'll have the same issue as Ford.


PeteWenzel OP t1_irxwa8u wrote


  1. Pickups don’t sell in Europe. That’s not going to change with EVs!

  2. Rivian overall delivered 6500 cars in Q3 this year…


BuckRogers87 t1_iry7wd6 wrote

Not my fault that apparently ev trucks suck ass at towing and battery range.


spoollyger t1_irybfqx wrote

Do gas vehicles lose range when towing?


BuckRogers87 t1_irzpavg wrote

Not at the rate his ev was. He was losing at a 4 to 1 ratio. Drove like 50 miles and killed his battery that said it had a 200 mile range. Drove the speed limit and wasn’t towing much. I’m not saying ev trucks wouldn’t be cool just that apparently they suck when towing weight.


spoollyger t1_irzszhb wrote

Can’t wait to see the the cyber truck does. I know people are anti it and think it’ll never come out but it’s looking on track to start deliveries middle of next year.