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AnimiLimina t1_irxsw3f wrote

That’s the problem, you would throw the money away. NASA used it for something useful.


SeryVober t1_irxtda4 wrote

As if. If I had that kind of money laying around I’d be investing in my community.


whatshamilton t1_irxuw8p wrote

The community which could be flattened by an asteroid. Go invest your own money in the community. Go vote for politicians who don’t spend your taxpayer money on giving tanks to the police officers. There is a lot of wasted money in this world. This mission was not an example of it.


Hsoltow t1_irzh3b2 wrote

*Armored vehicles. Tanks are not available from the LESO program.

>What excess military items are not available through the LESO/1033 Program?
>DLA has determined that 133 Federal Supply Classes (FSC) are prohibited for transfer to law enforcement agencies because of their tactical military characteristics.
>Prohibited equipment includes: any aircraft, vessels or vehicles that inherently contain weaponry, (e.g. -----> tanks <-----, Bradley fighting vehicles, armed drones); crew served/large caliber (.50 cal or greater) weapons and ammunition; military uniforms; body armor; Kevlar helmets; and explosives or pyrotechnics of any kind. Also, aircraft and vehicles available in the program are “demilitarized,” meaning that any specific military technology (e.g. communication equipment) are removed prior to transfer to law enforcement agencies.