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whatshamilton t1_iry7e99 wrote

“Space exploration is a waste of money.” “No it’s not and here’s why.” “This is what’s wrong with society.” I think you’re missing a few steps in that proof, bud


SeryVober t1_iry9cow wrote

I never once said it was a waste of money so go ahead and assume/put words in peoples mouth.


whatshamilton t1_iry9mu4 wrote

You have said in various comments to various people that it is thrown away, that you would have invested it in your community. If you don’t mean by that that it was a waste then you should reconsider your language because that is what you are communicating. It’s the fun thing about humanity where we understand more than the literal words.


SeryVober t1_iry9swo wrote

You literally misquoted me. I never said “space exploration is a waste of money”