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Give_me_the_science t1_is1dwwh wrote

This is completely ridiculous.


Turget t1_is1lfhb wrote

Agreed. I love it.


Give_me_the_science t1_is1pu4i wrote

Lol, I do too


Test19s t1_is2cpos wrote

Roll with all this cartoon robo-car stuff imo. It’d be fun if GM relaunched their Camaro Transformers Special Edition with modern driver assistance features (and licensed voices!) too.


Test19s t1_is2b49g wrote

There needs to be more fun and cuteness in the world.


Significant_Sign t1_is1f394 wrote

Unsupervised kids and Instagrammers getting a closer look are going to get hit left and right. Like, I love her but my 8 year old would definitely jump into traffic to get a better look at a car with huge googly eyes. Her survival instincts are way behind.


Gitmfap t1_is1oz78 wrote

Yah…but so are people in general. I kind of like the idea of cars being all “Thomas the train”


seedanrun t1_is1xyoh wrote

I for one support all autonomous vehicles being required to have big googly eyes!

Safer or not it would make the world a more awesome place.