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solardeveloper t1_isak8ai wrote

I own property in CA and directly benefit economically from CEQA and Prop 13. You need to up your game - not every critique of policy in CA is "right wing" propaganda, and shows how little grasp of actual business and housing development environment here that that's your only response.

If you want to dive deeper into how CEQA is problematic, have a read. Its from the Atlantic, the famously right wing publication (sarcasm)


OldeHickory t1_isaljye wrote

I don’t care lmao. I work in environmental compliance and I hate how weak GEPA is, written by developers and engineering firms as a rubber stamp for whatever they want to do as long as they can avoid triggering federal laws. It’s my livelihood. I am pro CEQA and any other state environmental law with actual teeth. Go on now