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M_u_l_t_i_p_a_s_s t1_is3htf1 wrote

It should start caring about not fucking up the global monetary system as the world reserve currency because it’s *checks notes* oh yea their one job…


Tom_Neverwinter t1_is3kuv5 wrote

Wizard of Oz wants its failed political bs back.


M_u_l_t_i_p_a_s_s t1_is54viq wrote

Lol. It’s not political. No red or blue here. It just is. Dollar milkshake theory. It’s happening as we speak.


Tom_Neverwinter t1_is65f7o wrote

You do realize what you just said is literally what the political narrative in the wizard of Oz right....


M_u_l_t_i_p_a_s_s t1_is6mjwx wrote

I understand the allegory of Wizard of Oz. My question is what aspect(s) of what I mentioned do you think of as bs and why.


Tom_Neverwinter t1_is6mw8u wrote

I present to you read and understand the political items of that day. What backed what. What is speculation and the real value of money


M_u_l_t_i_p_a_s_s t1_is6nl7x wrote

It’s a controversial topic my guy. I want to know what your opinions are regarding it.


Tom_Neverwinter t1_is6rskc wrote

Fake outrage and fear porn isn't selling these days..


M_u_l_t_i_p_a_s_s t1_is6yqa0 wrote

Fake outrage and fear porn?? You lost me there. If you think the Fed has nothing to do or has little to no control over the economic landscape we find ourselves in today, then you’re willfully ignorant or just young and naive.

TLDR: We’ve printed ourselves out of every recession we were supposed to have since the dotcom bubble including 08 and very much including COVID. We essentially kicked the deflationary environment can down the road addicted to easy money from QE to the point where we are now. It served us well in the short term but made the inevitable problem exponentially worse in the long term since it just kept adding to the Debt/GDP ratio which is at asinine levels right now. Basically, from this point forward, we’re screwed whether we print or not. Why? Because if we keep going through the current QT we were supposed to properly do two decades ago, deflation happens, but with all the added momentum of not deflating for the last two decades meaning severe depression. If we decide to keep printing, it just adds to the inflation which could easily tip into hyperinflation. Both shit. Both very real outcomes and very in front of your face today. That’s why if you follow up on any financial news, you’ll clearly see a lot of creaking going on ie BoE margin calls government step ins, Credit Suisse, US government approval for banks to tap into peoples pensions and insurance accounts for “liquidity,” German bank executives implying “Global margin calls”, etc etc.

No fear porn or fake outrage here. Just verifiable facts.


Tom_Neverwinter t1_is7003y wrote

Seems like your leaving out the big one... The tax cuts for the rich.. That item also corrected directly with these items... Why can't you reduce variables down for that one?


M_u_l_t_i_p_a_s_s t1_is7427u wrote

Sure that’s also a problem. There’s many problems we can cherry pick and expand on. But I just gave you the macro-ist problem that affects everything else. What’s your point?