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I didn’t know that. I thought the majority of their dealings were with banks and don’t have the power to directly support any industry without Congress or the Treasury asking first.


ForHidingSquirrels OP t1_is3wfgg wrote

They’re not supporting here - just reporting on it so they can better predict and understand the economy


edblardo t1_is559yn wrote

This link is for the Dallas Fed. Is there a place I can go to read other analysis from them or do I have to go to each Fed district website?

Why am I getting down votes for trying to understand something? It’s literally the main reason I use Reddit.


ChrysMYO t1_is4iecw wrote

There are various Fed branches who tend to track the nature of different sectors that concentrate in their region. For example, the Dallas Fed keeps up with the energy market regularly.

The FED doesn't directly alter private industries but their monetary policy affects these businesses. Banks consult with their business partners and trade groups and banks consult with the regional FED and this has an influence on how the FED reacts to quarterly policy decisions.