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2CentsActual t1_is3rrle wrote

The entire industry will fall on its face once the public realizes that EVs are not green at all.


tunaburn t1_is3uby2 wrote

They are much better for the environment than standard cars. And would be much much much better if we also used renewable energy for homes more.

warning Boring article with lots of math


2CentsActual t1_is3vcx3 wrote

They are not any greener than a standard car. That's just what you've been told. It takes energy to mine the lithium, purify the lithium, build the lithium batteries, to charge those batteries and to dispose of them properly. Energy is not free.


tunaburn t1_is3vkrp wrote

I literally linked you a very detailed article explaining all the math.


dec7td t1_is47rwr wrote

Lol this guy "that's what you've been told" which is just projection for how they get their information.


tunaburn t1_is490df wrote

It's absolutely hilarious because the only reason he's arguing against proven facts is because that's what he's been told.


Numismatists t1_isjq1eb wrote

Thank you for sharing the truth even though, in here, the truth is harrased by fossil fuel industry stooges and ignorance.


Numismatists t1_is49v11 wrote

That's not the multi-billion dollar mass manipulation campaign talking.


Penguigo t1_is3tcf0 wrote

The open secret about EVs is that they're not about being green, they will be cheaper and easier to manufacture, and cheaper and easier to own than traditional vehicles. EVs are the future of the industry regardless of environmental impact.

Edit: Downvoted by a lot of people who aren't mechanics, I see! The truth is EVs have less moving parts. They're way easier to maintain and manifacture because of it. We're right on the border of them being cheaper to produce than traditional vehicles already, and in a few years once that scale tips, we'll never go back. Source - Almost all of my friends and family work for Ford or GM, several as engineers. These companies aren't investing in EVs out of the goodness of their heart, they know it makes financial sense.