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Reniconix t1_is3wb26 wrote

We have a few options on the market, they're not incredibly expensive but I wouldn't call them cheap.

Of note, the F150 Lightning is dollar for dollar the best value for a home battery. It's also a truck.


HolyGig t1_is44w5e wrote

They have a ways to go before they are producing those in anywhere near enough numbers to meet demand


GoodOmens t1_is47l8a wrote

And price. If you want anything but a 75k+ Lariant good luck. That buys a lot of Tesla batteries with the solar tax credit.


Reniconix t1_is50x2d wrote

The Lightning Lariat actually has more battery than the same price of Powerwall and is still a truck. Tax credit doesn't apply to the battery yet.


ialsoagree t1_is5awuq wrote

Tax credits do apply to the batteries, but only if you buy enough solar to charge them, and only if you keep them in a mode that powers them from solar and not the grid (although the latter is harder to enforce).


ElectrikDonuts t1_is4djyi wrote

You will not be able to get a lightening anytime soon and when you do it wont be anywhere near what you expect it to be today. Ford did a lot of false advertising with that one.