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HiCanIPetYourCat t1_is4gdn0 wrote

Huge stupid labor force

Stupid government

Acceptance of low wages

The least valuable land in the country

That’s why all plants are built there. It’s a whipped society happy to live in squalor for peanuts and they relentlessly elect sociopaths that lip service their racism while funneling all of their productivity out.

This is why my company’s high paid R&D facility is in California, because talent is willing to live here, and manufacturing is in the south- because those people are fully broke horses ready to be ridden.

I hate all of this but that’s the reality of US manufacturing.


AdmiralJTKirk t1_is4hqnz wrote

Born in the south, lived in CA among other places. Can confirm without reservation.


quettil t1_is4r7d4 wrote

This is what Democrats think of the working class and wonder why they vote Republican.


Toggiz t1_is5qsqs wrote

The working class doesn’t vote Republican. The white working class does. Wonder why they split like that?


solardeveloper t1_is5tpog wrote

Bro, a considerable % of hispanic and black working class voted republican in the last election.

And a majority of the non-urban population period vote Republican.

Having lived in one such area for all of my childhood, the urban coastal democrat elitism is a huge factor.

One major reason how the demonized (by the left) Manchin was able to get the IRA passed were the provisions he put in around bonus tax credits for things like solar in areas where coal industry was shutting down or where rural unemployment was extremely high. Because its very apparent that Dems generally don't give a shit about the people who work in those industries who will lose jobs in the green transition and have done nothing to help them grow in the new economy.

And this has been an issue for Dems and especially progressives for a while now.


Toggiz t1_is5wisw wrote

Hillary had an entire plan for how to help coal workers and other dying industries retrain and transition. Trump said he’d make coal great again with no plan.

I’m not saying there isn’t resentment towards city folk, there obviously is. But Democrats actually have policies to try and help while Republicans just take away support for rural communities and shove it in rich peoples pockets.

Democrats are losing the messaging war despite taking the plight of rural Americans more seriously than Republicans.


Bananaman60056 t1_is7xppl wrote

The soft racism of low expectations. Dems are, and have always been the real racists.


Toggiz t1_is82rcv wrote

LOL. If we try to help it’s racist, if we don’t we are ignoring rural America. Good to know.


Bananaman60056 t1_is83d0k wrote

The path to hell is paved with good intentions. Your "help" is not helping. It has had a negative impact. When was the last time you heard a Dem tell a black person that they can be successful, that they can achieve the American dream and reach the highest echelon of power? Get educated, work hard, stay focused, don't ever give up?
That is not ever their message. Why?


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_is817zs wrote

I know right? So many confederate flags and nazi flags and KKK members at Clinton events! Black people in congress are 98% dem and black folks in general are 95% Dem but surely it’s them being racist against themselves and not the poor innocent conservative rural whites, with their long history of racial tolerance!

What an absolute joke


Bananaman60056 t1_is81ygt wrote

You are talking about an infinitesimally small group of people that in no way represents conservatives. Its a straw man argument. All liberals are communists, or neofascists right? When you want to be serious start over.


[deleted] t1_is82dtz wrote



Bananaman60056 t1_is83io2 wrote

She's a despicable person that hates America.


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_is84682 wrote

She’s one of the most loved, popular human beings on the planet. The figureheads leading the GOP are all some of the most detested. I don’t remember Michelle Obama operating fake charities and shit talking vets and stealing classified documents while kissing Putin’s ass and then trying to overthrow democracy to install herself dictator... You have a fucked up definition of what hating America is.

You’re a fully radicalized extremist existing in a propaganda bubble of pure bullshit. You’re totally immune to reality, so, have fun with that. This exchange is clearly useless.


Littleman88 t1_is6qhbk wrote

And those rural Americans spat back in the Democrats' faces because they were told to by the Republicans or simply because they weren't Republicans. Ruralites are looking for an easy out or to at least to stay in their comfort zone (like mining and huffing coal.)

Dems can only lead them to water, but if they refuse to drink because a snake told them the water is poisoned, then there's nothing left to do but watch them take to their own graves.

And yes, Democrats/lefties are awful with messaging and refuse to ever consider changing it when it's pointed out. Much less embarrassing to hide behind some morality card and insist their critics are racist/sexist assholes for suggesting their advertising game needs improvement.


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_is61w93 wrote

Lol. That “elitism” is called actually paying attention to policy. The Republicans literally do not even have a platform anymore. Their 2020 platform was “whatever Trump says”. That’s a joke. It’s a white grievance party at this point and nothing more. They aren’t taken seriously because there is nothing to take seriously.

And only 8% of black people voted for Trump 🙄


wgc123 t1_is6epq7 wrote

> Manchin was able to get the IRA passed were the provisions he put in around bonus tax credits for things like solar

Wasn’t that one of the main points of the bill he was blocking? Manchin gets credit for allowing cutting off environmental review for infrastructure products, especially that new gas pipeline he’s trying to push, and he gets credit for blocking energy portfolios to help push renewables, and credit for blocking increased taxes on polluting industries


wgc123 t1_is6fr9t wrote

> Having lived in one such area for all of my childhood, the urban coastal democrat elitism is a huge factor.

I do remember this existing where I grew up in a rural area as well. However now that I’m an “urban coastal democrat elitist”, I can’t for the life of me understand how it ever made sense. The only factors I can see is that I was young and naive, and we had limited and biased news sources. I imagine there was resentment over the focus on things that were not relevant to us, but only the cities, however that’s not an excuse for not considering facts or ideas based on their merit


BoringBob84 t1_is82q6f wrote

I grew up in a rural area, and the rural elitism towards "city slickers" was *much* worse than the urban elitism that I see now in the urban area where I live.

It is all about perception. Right-wing outrage media muckrakers are making bank by yanking the chains of rural and working class people - keeping them afraid and angry to the point that they vote against their own best interests.


Bananaman60056 t1_is7xdor wrote

Because the dems love to keep minorities dependent on government. They are the modern day plantation owners. Promise free shit, tell them they're victims, pretend they're not smart enough to get I.D.s among a million other low expectations of them.


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_is60pxl wrote

This is true but not in the way you think lol. A lot of the white working class is desperate to be lied to that all of their problems are because of people like me telling them the truth, and dirty brown/black/gay/jewish/media/elites etc all plotting to get them. That’s where the stupid part comes in. It’s pathetic, when the actual problem is income inequality. The middle class died when wage increases were decoupled from productivity increases in the Regan era, and that sure as hell wasn’t the fault of progressives or Mexicans.

Trump’s cult are addicted to hate and don’t give a single fuck about policy or reality in general, humoring their fragile feelings is pointless. The only way to help them is to work around them.


Bananaman60056 t1_is7y3zl wrote

No, we expect the black, brown, gay people to use their access to education, coupled with hard work, to achieve the American dream. You don't have those same expectations. Your way leads to fatherless households, urban decay, and despair.


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_is7zfe3 wrote

Lol what 100 octane dogshit😂

Equal access to education and healthcare for everyone are the entire foundational points of progressivism. Thanks for doing a live performance of how all you run on is hate though I guess. Did you even read that last sentence of mental illness before you hit post or is the indoctrination so deep that the propaganda just happens no matter how stupid it makes you sound?

Building schools in the neighborhoods that white supremacy waged war on for decades and destroyed doesn’t lead to broken homes and urban decay you utter clown, white conservatives did that with redlining and the drug war and by denying them access to transit and jobs and militant over policing.


Bananaman60056 t1_is814r2 wrote

Sure thing. Dems are the people you're talking about. They have been on the wrong side since before Lincoln. They destroyed the inner cities, were against the black vote, and the civil rights act. I live in Chicago, CPS teachers get paid more than any large district in America, and the return is abysmal education for their students. Face it, Dem rule is a failure in cities. They have destroyed the safety and quality of life in almost every large city in America. Their ideas are garbage.


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_is81iwn wrote

Believe it or not, we’re talking about today and progressives. Not conservative Dems of 50+ years ago that all flipped to Republicans after Dems passed civil rights legislation. That’s how obviously stupid your argument is. Current Republicans are so overtly intolerant that the entire reason they became Republicans was out of hatred for black people. The southeast was deep blue until then. It doesn’t take a 6th grade level education to understand what changed.

If your dumbfuck propaganda needs a time machine and a complete absence of critical thinking ability or history education to work, it might be time to accept that you’re just full of shit.


Bananaman60056 t1_is827k3 wrote

Dude, they never flipped anywhere, they just changed tactics and you sheeple follow along nodding and drooling. FYI, we love all races, we want them to succeed, not acquiesce, and accept the garbage the progress say will help them. Dems have been promising them shit for 60 years and their situations have not improved much at all. Dem ideas suck and progressives are fucking insane.


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_is82vwl wrote

So you’re denying the kindergarten level easy to understand differences between these maps and the timing of the change?

You live in an utter fantasy


Bananaman60056 t1_is83wm5 wrote

I really don't care where people live and how they vote. My opinion is that the south got smarter and the masses in large cities bought the bullshit the dems were selling even as their cities were turning into corrupt dem run cesspools.


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_is84o59 wrote

The south ranks at the bottom of every measurable metric from health to education to economic output. The blue states are all at the top.

Objectively. Consistently.

Again, everything you’re saying is comically easy to disprove.


Bananaman60056 t1_is85ny1 wrote

Really, then why are people fleeing the blue states? You people are delusional. Illinois lost a Representative, New York lost a Representative, Cali, made up for the outbound immigration by counting the millions of undocumented immigrants that have moved there. The southern states are expanding. Many are rural. Farming is a major reason why they don't have the economic might of large blue states. If they charged you $5 for a potato or ear of corn it would be different. They feed all the rats that love congested cities.


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_is85rzp wrote

We aren’t, you believe bullshit.


Bananaman60056 t1_is85zbx wrote

The house of representatives begs to differ. Show the states that lost representatives then come back and apologize.


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_is8mcno wrote

You legitimately don’t understand anything at all.

It’s almost impressive and sure as hell not wasting time explaining to you. Google house apportionment then apologize clown


Bananaman60056 t1_is8n26h wrote

The loss of how many residents does it take to lose a Representative? You really aren't the sharpest tool in the drawer are you?


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_is8ndo7 wrote

You’re the living embodiment of Dunning Kruger.

You obviously didn’t look it up because you still clearly don’t know what you’re talking about and I don’t owe your neutron star dense ass an education. Blame your parents for ending up this way.


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_is8ooag wrote

You have a literal forcefield against educating yourself.


Bananaman60056 t1_is8qwuc wrote

It's called the truth. Apportionment is based on population. All the formulas used come down to a states population in the most current census. Texas gained 2 seats, Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, Oregon gained a seat. Cali, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan, and Ohio, lost a seat.


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_is8ud9a wrote

You’re so close to understanding


Bananaman60056 t1_is8vef1 wrote

Lol, learn mathematics.


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_is8vm07 wrote

I want to ruin it and expose how fucking utterly uneducated you are again but I’m not going to.

It’s more fun knowing that you know something’s wrong but aren’t smart enough to figure out what.

I’m blocking you now! Ta ta!


King_in-the_North t1_is61fj8 wrote

You do realize millions more people have voted democrat than republicans in every presidential election for the last 20 years correct?

Who are these democrats that aren’t working class that somehow significantly outnumber those great working class republicans you hold so dear?


RedCascadian t1_ishkh2b wrote

This is what many of us think of large portions of the white, southern working class.

I'm a white working class guy in the PNW. I'm also a progressive and am organizing a union in an Amazon warehouse.


[deleted] t1_isi805q wrote

You rock! Unions are what will save this country. Otherwise, we will regress to feudalism.


RedCascadian t1_isibixq wrote

Thanks! Yeah management seems nervous after rhe "raise" we got pissed a lot of folks off.


innofuel t1_is4xl2m wrote

but California cannot supply poor people a damn roof.

Look at how many working homeless in California vs TN/AR/KY. When you are poor in US your choices are between being a broke horse and a street camper.


ZeePirate t1_is53ugx wrote

I’d imagine the overall poverty levels of AR and KY are higher.


innofuel t1_is55yyi wrote

Federal poverty line is $26,500 for a family of 4. Outside of fancy suburbs, you can easily buy a 3BR in most small town and inner city areas of TN/AR/KY paying 800 per month on mortgage, but $26500 a year not even enough for rent anywhere in CA.

If you consider rent, the actual poverty line in CA should be $50000 for 4, which will put CA's poverty rate to the same level with TN/AR/KY.


solardeveloper t1_is5uiix wrote

>That’s why all plants are built there

That and its expensive as fuck to freight or ship raw materials from factories already on the gulf/Ohio river to California and then ship/freight back to market. CA's special snowflake fuel standards and lack of affordability for truckers makes it economically non-viable to manufacture in the state. Nothing to do with "broken" workforce as manufacturing labor in PA, OH, AL, etc are unionized too. And can actually afford housing in those places

But instead of looking at actual supply chain costs or finances, we can lean into the CA superiority complex narrative and ignore the fact that the state has steadily pushed away high paying manufacturing/fabrication jobs and is essentially a specialty R&D zone at this stage.

And I say this as someone living comfortably in Marin, so not speaking out of some kind of sour grapes.


wgc123 t1_is6g9km wrote

Yeah, you might want to actually look at how big an economy they have based on manufacturing and agriculture


georgejettson t1_is56cqg wrote

Lol California has been turned into a shit hole by idiots like you


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_is5zbzk wrote

California is the richest, most productive state in the country whether that hurts your fee fees or not.