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Toggiz t1_is5wisw wrote

Hillary had an entire plan for how to help coal workers and other dying industries retrain and transition. Trump said he’d make coal great again with no plan.

I’m not saying there isn’t resentment towards city folk, there obviously is. But Democrats actually have policies to try and help while Republicans just take away support for rural communities and shove it in rich peoples pockets.

Democrats are losing the messaging war despite taking the plight of rural Americans more seriously than Republicans.


Bananaman60056 t1_is7xppl wrote

The soft racism of low expectations. Dems are, and have always been the real racists.


Toggiz t1_is82rcv wrote

LOL. If we try to help it’s racist, if we don’t we are ignoring rural America. Good to know.


Bananaman60056 t1_is83d0k wrote

The path to hell is paved with good intentions. Your "help" is not helping. It has had a negative impact. When was the last time you heard a Dem tell a black person that they can be successful, that they can achieve the American dream and reach the highest echelon of power? Get educated, work hard, stay focused, don't ever give up?
That is not ever their message. Why?


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_is817zs wrote

I know right? So many confederate flags and nazi flags and KKK members at Clinton events! Black people in congress are 98% dem and black folks in general are 95% Dem but surely it’s them being racist against themselves and not the poor innocent conservative rural whites, with their long history of racial tolerance!

What an absolute joke


Bananaman60056 t1_is81ygt wrote

You are talking about an infinitesimally small group of people that in no way represents conservatives. Its a straw man argument. All liberals are communists, or neofascists right? When you want to be serious start over.


[deleted] t1_is82dtz wrote



Bananaman60056 t1_is83io2 wrote

She's a despicable person that hates America.


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_is84682 wrote

She’s one of the most loved, popular human beings on the planet. The figureheads leading the GOP are all some of the most detested. I don’t remember Michelle Obama operating fake charities and shit talking vets and stealing classified documents while kissing Putin’s ass and then trying to overthrow democracy to install herself dictator... You have a fucked up definition of what hating America is.

You’re a fully radicalized extremist existing in a propaganda bubble of pure bullshit. You’re totally immune to reality, so, have fun with that. This exchange is clearly useless.


Littleman88 t1_is6qhbk wrote

And those rural Americans spat back in the Democrats' faces because they were told to by the Republicans or simply because they weren't Republicans. Ruralites are looking for an easy out or to at least to stay in their comfort zone (like mining and huffing coal.)

Dems can only lead them to water, but if they refuse to drink because a snake told them the water is poisoned, then there's nothing left to do but watch them take to their own graves.

And yes, Democrats/lefties are awful with messaging and refuse to ever consider changing it when it's pointed out. Much less embarrassing to hide behind some morality card and insist their critics are racist/sexist assholes for suggesting their advertising game needs improvement.