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wgc123 t1_is6fr9t wrote

> Having lived in one such area for all of my childhood, the urban coastal democrat elitism is a huge factor.

I do remember this existing where I grew up in a rural area as well. However now that I’m an “urban coastal democrat elitist”, I can’t for the life of me understand how it ever made sense. The only factors I can see is that I was young and naive, and we had limited and biased news sources. I imagine there was resentment over the focus on things that were not relevant to us, but only the cities, however that’s not an excuse for not considering facts or ideas based on their merit


BoringBob84 t1_is82q6f wrote

I grew up in a rural area, and the rural elitism towards "city slickers" was *much* worse than the urban elitism that I see now in the urban area where I live.

It is all about perception. Right-wing outrage media muckrakers are making bank by yanking the chains of rural and working class people - keeping them afraid and angry to the point that they vote against their own best interests.