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pinkfootthegoose t1_iuhlb6n wrote

convenient how you didn't mention batteries. yes you can replace gas with solar.


manugutito t1_iuigc2o wrote

They were literally replying to a comment that brought forward pumped hydro...


Kinexity t1_iuhlvaw wrote

What kind of "got ya" moment is this? Batteries require fuckton of rare resources (at least chemical one like li-ion, slightly different with those liquid salt ones etc. but they have yet to scale up in production). You can deploy them on some scale (single houses, smaller towns) but it's unrealistic to think it's a solution viable at nation or global scal.


pinkfootthegoose t1_iuho0jm wrote

lithium is not rare numbskull and they are already being deployed at scale. Most people that get home solar already get batteries to go with it. It's part of the package. and nobody said that the batteries had to be lithium.

do you know what is a limited resource? gas


ChildrenAreOurDoom t1_iuhxug2 wrote

batteries mean strip-mining the earth and/or dredging the ocean floor.

There is no easy way out.


pinkfootthegoose t1_iui4vkz wrote

no it does not. unlike oil and coal right?

you have fallen for the Nirvana fallacy