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ChaseballBat t1_is6m3iz wrote

How long until the leader becomes super racist like those other twitter chatbots?


fluentindothraki t1_is6pkdc wrote

Or super leftist like the Reddit one?


ChaseballBat t1_is6r0b1 wrote

I don't recall that one! I'll have to look it up.


fluentindothraki t1_is6uawg wrote

I can't find it now...but after the MS chatbot turned racist, there was an AI trained on Reddit (not Norman, obv) who was pretty Marxist and in favour of legalising weed. Or maybe I dreamed that?

edit: slipped into the wrong languagge


donkeylipsh t1_is7q0sn wrote

I want to live in a world where a chatbot becoming racist is not seen as the equivalent to chatbot supporting shared ownership of resources and legal weed


Sumsar01 t1_isa1yib wrote

Lets pretend Marxism doesnt have a history start with Marx himself.


ChanThe4th t1_is9oh6f wrote

Weed being legalized? What's next? Happiness and fun being easily accessible to reduce the likelyhood of drug abuse? Get the heck outta here.


merikariu t1_isa7m51 wrote

I imagine a world where neighbors don't call the police on children playing in the street.


first__citizen t1_isb38a9 wrote

I think it would be more applicable if they created a magic 8 ball leader.