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Kevin_Jim t1_is9ivsy wrote

And with solar and to some degree wind, you have the added cost of energy storage. Still comes up ahead of any other power other than maybe nuclear (in some cases).


netz_pirat t1_is9j5me wrote

You only have the added cost if you actually store it.

If you usually run on coal all day, but now cover daytime with solar, you only burn half as much coal as you did before. If the weather is shitty, you are back to coal, but that's still better than burning it all the time.

Yeah, storage is a big issue for the future, but right now, in most areas, we're not at a point yet where we really need it.


Drachefly t1_is9y3hd wrote

Right - storage is only critical when we're seriously trying to cut into nighttime power usage. That is a large part! But until then it's mainly planning ahead and trying things out.


Kevin_Jim t1_is9nw09 wrote

It doesn’t really work that way, though. Power plants need to maintain a relatively steady load. Unless we are talking about peaker plants which tend to be gas powered, battery powered, or hydro-pump powered.


netz_pirat t1_is9ulml wrote

That's why Germany is phasing out both nuclear and coal, yes.