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magnoliasmanor t1_isytvf5 wrote

Depends on how much money and power is involved I would imagine. So there's no stopping this train until we become slaves to the new supreme leader AI.


AmiAlter t1_isyyx9w wrote

I have faith that the AI will realize just how unnecessary money is and decide to phase it out along with the entire upper class.


Artanthos t1_iszuqkp wrote

If the AI decides to eliminate its creators, it will most likely eliminate everyone else in the process.


HacksawJimDuggen t1_isznkx4 wrote

unless you know any poor people developing AI my money is not on it eliminating the upper class.


Hershieboy t1_iszt0ag wrote

Oh no, the poor will run the treadmills powering the machines while the elite oversee the maintenance of the electrical systems.


S-Vagus t1_isyzewn wrote

It'll replace it with a mulit-stream ranking system that converges towards comforting the human.


mudskipper4 t1_iszgoe8 wrote

How’s that hopium?


AmiAlter t1_iszh4ok wrote

Hey I said I can hope I didn't say I think it's going to happen.


PunisherASM129 t1_it2gzlp wrote

Actually not what you said. When you say "I have faith" that something will happen, it means you expect or trust that it will.


magnoliasmanor t1_isz3hgp wrote

Sounds wonderful until the guy in charge of AI tells him that's a bad idea.

Or it's a good idea, as long as he can continue to remain rich.


RangeWilson t1_iszdbn1 wrote

Humans won’t be in charge of AIs. We’re barely in charge of them now.