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SatanLifeProTips t1_it5lx02 wrote

A microwave oven was $1700 in 1970’s money. Now it’s $39.97 at walmart. Cars and houses got expensive. Everything else got insanely cheap. A new T-shirt is five bucks!

And you can furnish a home for $0 on craigslist free. If you are handy with a paintbrush you can actually furnish a home quite nicely. Moving out in the 80’s had you living with cinder block furniture (stolen from a local construction site). Now some students can equip a suite and live large.

Once your rent is covered everything else is easy. Live by a place with good mass transit and you don’t need a car. I live in a dense city with light rail. Modern E-scooters have 16km of range, can cook along at 50kph or faster (illegally but no one cares) and you can take them on the train. It’s brilliant. Wear good rain gear and you can commute faster than your car.


Xist3nce t1_it5ni8o wrote

How much money do you think living in a modern place is? Find me one that you can afford rent in for $7.50 and I’ll acknowledge it. My grandpa got his house for a month of work. I’m not even allowed to get a house because I don’t make enough even though the mortgage is way lower than my rent.


SatanLifeProTips t1_it5omb6 wrote

Here a basement suite or a one bedroom apartment will set you back $1200-$1700/mo but min wage is $15.65/hr CAD. That’s just minimum wage however and few work for that. Even mcdicks is paying 20+ or you can’t get anyone. And medical is free.

Buying a place is going to need a decent career. Housing is super expensive to buy in the cities and places with great transit.

America’s $7.50 min wage is basically 3rd world poverty. But that is a system designed to trap people in poverty.


Xist3nce t1_it5uqrq wrote

Bingo there. Only way out is to make an absurd amount of money, unfortunately if you have to work 40-50 hours to make ends meet it’s hard to give up rest to work on skills. It’s all a trap and the tipping point is coming.