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Regi0 t1_itgo56a wrote

Actually, according to the BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2022, China's carbon emissions have been steadily increasing as of 2021.


Page 12, in the carbon emissions table, near the bottom.


mutherhrg OP t1_itgot1d wrote

China themselves have stated that it will be decreasing carbon emissions by 2030.


Regi0 t1_itgp18x wrote

The damage has already been done, hun, and the trend for the past 40 years has been constant carbon emission growth despite any and all promises to rely more on renewables. The data doesn't lie.


mutherhrg OP t1_itgprf1 wrote

The optimal response is to give up and just keep burning coal forever then. Since the damage has already been done and all that.


Regi0 t1_itgqcg3 wrote

Blame consumerism. It's destroyed our planet.