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ThisistheInfiniteIs t1_itja3wn wrote

Food made from fermented methane is so dystopia.

The petrochemical companies must be pleased with themselves.


HierarchofSealand t1_itjawu3 wrote

Methane is available through human and animal waste products.


ThisistheInfiniteIs t1_itjbusv wrote

While that sounds nice, the overwhelming majority of natural gas production is petrochemical well operations, here in the US about 2/3 is produced by fracking.


SatanLifeProTips t1_itjpai1 wrote

So? Pumping it out of the ground isn’t harmful. Setting it on fire IS harmful.

We also recover it from our garbage dumps. Methane is in a lot of places. You can make a closed loop from a city composting collection project. Many cities do this and burn the methane in generators as that is the better alternative but it releases co2. Make fish food instead.


Valennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn t1_itk1v7d wrote

Pumping it out of the ground is harmful. It contains fossile carbon that should not end up in the atmosphere but it does even when you first feed it to fish and the fish to humans. In the end, it is breathed out and the carbon is in the atmosphere. No difference to being burned.


ThisistheInfiniteIs t1_itl77ey wrote

It is very harmful, just google fracking.

Yes, we can recover it from dumps, but the overwhelming majority of it comes from harmful wells.


mutherhrg OP t1_itjuusc wrote

There's also dozens other versions that use combinations of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide etc etc so there's lots of potential there. Eventually, you could have enough renewables that you're pulling methane out of the air, made from carbon dioxide of the of the air instead of digging it out of the ground.

Whatever is it, it's better than feeding farmed fish with 3-4 times their weight in wild fish


ThisistheInfiniteIs t1_itl7xvc wrote

Sure, there perhaps may be some responsible ways to do this in the future, but the current reality is that methane pretty much all comes from fracking and drilling and petrochemical wells, which are incredibly destructive and harmful to the environment.