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[deleted] t1_itkeaje wrote

Trying to do some mental gymnastics...

Simply from an energy transfer in the ecosystem point of view, is this entire production chain (microbe fuel > factory > fish feed > fish farm > human) completely daft?!


mutherhrg OP t1_itkggng wrote

Maybe one day we can eat this protein directly. But the issue is the taste and "ick" factor. We can barely get people to eat a vegan diet, or insects, let alone raw protein sludge. This kind of protein does have the potential to be mixed in other food as supplements, like with flour, protein powder or protein bars.


WaitformeBumblebee t1_itkj1de wrote

> let alone raw protein sludge

McDonald's enters the chat serving pink slimme


Green__lightning t1_itmjp4d wrote

Well, is the objective to feed people, or to feed people high quality fish? Food isn't a fungible commodity, and the fact people simply like meat more is enough to justify the costs, both to the people buying it, and the people making it.