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cuteman t1_itniwr8 wrote

>Can confirm. Chilean here (this “startup” is chilean), almost all their products taste like shit and are very costly. I wish this was the start of affordable, tasty, vegan food but rhis aint it. Not Co is a very overhyped company that is running on fumes now that all the free capital is over.

Doesn't that describe most of the meat alternative vegan products?

What I don't understand is why plant based alternatives need to approximate the taste at all.

If you're a vegan or vegetarian why would you want processed plants to approximate meat?

Animal treatment aside it seems like high quality vegan foods would be superior to processed meat alternatives.

Wouldn't a nice salad without meat and wide variety of veggies be superior to a salty processed mushroom and bean burger patty?


TennisADHD t1_itny0wx wrote

The real money is in the people who wouldn’t voluntarily eat a nice salad without meat.


cuteman t1_ito0jyy wrote

I think that's more of an omnivore strategy right? Balancing diet sources and for variety of taste and texture.

Where animal diet has been readily available it usually becomes the predominant food source for cultures that don't suffer from poverty or malnutrition.


The_Caring_Banker t1_ito82qp wrote

I guess you are right. My hate for this company because its quite overhyped for what it is and I feel there are hundreds over better companies doing pretty much the same.