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iNstein t1_itla80q wrote

WTF has this got to do with Futurology?

Can we stick to posts about Futurology here please. There are plenty of places to post social messages, this is not one of them.


cgs626 t1_itlbeg5 wrote

I feel like this entire threat is a bot simulation. What is happening here?

I'm scared.


goldentone t1_itl28ce wrote

Cool! Do you remember being part of the Soviet Union or was that before your time?


Sure-Cloud-1780 OP t1_itl2dza wrote

Unfortunately, I was born after the collapse of the Soviet Union


horseydeucey t1_itl3vp3 wrote

Is it that "unfortunate?" Does your generation wish they lived under the USSR?


Sure-Cloud-1780 OP t1_itl550y wrote

yeah, sometimes when we get together with friends, sometimes we talk about the USSR, that it was kind of cool to live there 🙂


horseydeucey t1_itl5cez wrote

Interesting. Any particular reasons? I ask because I'm an American who grew up during the dying days of the Cold War. The messaging was strongly anti-Soviet over here.


Sure-Cloud-1780 OP t1_itl6zlv wrote

it was much better in the USSR than it is now, my parents told me 🫢


lvivkar t1_itl9pv6 wrote

Naw bro its more of a grass is greener on the other side thinking.


Conspirologist t1_itl3sep wrote

I know nothing about your country. Western media never talk about it. How is your relationship with Russia, are you friendly countries? Is your country pro-Western, or pro-Russian? What is your country famous for?


Sure-Cloud-1780 OP t1_itqf0tq wrote

the relationship with Russia is so-so, but there are a lot of Kyrgyz migrants in Russia, our country is famous for its mountains


Nervous_Brilliant441 t1_itl3xl9 wrote

Who would be the most famous singer/bands from your country?

I don’t mean right now, I mean of all time. Like the Beatles for the UK or Michael Jackson for the USA.


Sure-Cloud-1780 OP t1_itqfla1 wrote

hmm, honestly i don’t know 🤷🏼‍♀️ I don't listen to them myself


Futurology-ModTeam t1_itlljp6 wrote

Rule 2 - Submissions must be futurology related or future focused.


mutherhrg t1_itl2u4s wrote

Is your country breaking away from Russia and China and moving towards America? Since the war and all that


Sure-Cloud-1780 OP t1_itl3bp5 wrote

There is no war in Kyrgyzstan, it is only in Ukrine, I don't seem to read the news, sorry


some_qualms t1_itl36tg wrote

What was it like during the Kyrgyz revolution a couple years ago?


Sure-Cloud-1780 OP t1_itl4hck wrote

I don't remember exactly, but there was a lot of blood there were 84 killed there were many wounded there was a complete rout