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izumi3682 OP t1_itp3uuq wrote

Submission statement from OP. Note: This submission statement "locks in" after about 30 minutes, and can no longer be edited. Please refer to my statement they link, which I can continue to edit. I often edit my submission statement, sometimes for the next few days if needs must. There is often required additional grammatical editing and additional added detail.

From the article.

>A team of researchers have made a huge breakthrough in data transmission via fiber optics by using a single computer chip to transfer 1.84 petabits of data per second, which is roughly twice the entire internet’s traffic (or approximately 230 million photo downloads per second).

One qualification on the claim that engineering will probably rapidl overcome...

>While not as fast as data transfer rates of 10.66 petabits per second that are currently possible, the beauty of this record-breaking achievement by Jørgensen and his team is miniaturizing. Compared to bulkier equipment currently used to achieve the 10.66 petabits per second speeds, the upscaling of a single chip to match or even exceed that transfer rate is going to remain exceedingly compact.

One of the things that I can't stress enough concerning all of this "incredibly rapid" technological advancement, is that what is happening today is natural and normal. This is what happens as the cumulative impact of all of the giants, whose shoulders we have stood upon, has given to us all of the benefits of our science and technology that we enjoy and take for granted, today.

Here is what I mean by that. You can sum up what is happening now all up in one word. Knowledge. And the astonishingly ever more rapid accrual of it.

Here are a series of essays and commentaries I have written to help to explain why what is happening today is happening. And why I am pretty convinced that this decade shall see an event that could be the most significant thing to happen in all of human recorded history. (It may happen as late as 2031 to be fair.) Yes, I'm referring to a "technological singularity". See my essays to learn more if you are interested.

But this kind of computing breakthrough is going to lead to this incredible future that I have envisioned.

Just the next ten years alone will see the realization of a genuine metaverse. I hope that it comes from "Second Life" rather than from Meta. SL has been doing a 2D metaverse since 2005. It is really good at what it does and only needs the technology to make that level of computing speed available to everyone in VR. SL attempted VR back around 2016-17 but the state of computing then was such that it could not deliver the goods. Hardly anyone had a PC that could handle that level of required computing power. Well, the original Creator of SL, Phillip Rosedale has returned to SL and his stated goal is to make SL into a metaverse. OMG! If successful, it is going to be off the chain insane.

Here is a brief look at what the SL metaverse looks like compared to Meta's cartoonishly lame VR. Imagine the world you see below in VR. :O And then... 8D

This video is from 2014. SL was still pretty primitive even then. Everything has massively developed and improved since. But even this will give you a pretty good feel for the true potential for a VR SL.


sallhurd t1_itpnxc2 wrote

What the hell

That would burn out a human's synapses immediately

I need to download more RAM


chill633 t1_itsggrt wrote

Use a RAM doubler, but watch out for the Black Shakes.