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LightningRodofH8 t1_itr7ula wrote

Here is an official list:

From the originally linked article:

Astrophysicist, data scientist, and boxer Federica Bianco, focuses on using data science to study the universe. Bianco is a joint professor at the University of Delaware, is the principal investigator of Federica Astrostatistics Lab (FASTLab), and coordinates more than 1,500 scientists for the 2023 Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Science Collaboration to discover new galaxies and stars in the southern sky. Bianco is also a boxer who goes by the title “The Mad Scientist.”


Ezekiel_W t1_itrdvwh wrote

"A 16-people team — including an astronaut, a space-treaty drafter, a boxer, and several astrobiologists"

I felt like I was reading the synopsis of an anime.


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yourSAS OP t1_itqyl66 wrote

The panel seems interesting although I have no idea why they decided to include a boxer (to decide hands-on fight stategy in case human v/s aliens?)

However, it's good to see them being open about this and share their analysis/findings. I hope this a good step in direction of disassociating the stigma that UFO = alien ship


LightningRodofH8 t1_itr8qei wrote

I think it's safe to assume NASA included her for her Astrophysics and Data Science background.

From the linked article:

>Astrophysicist, data scientist, and boxer Federica Bianco, focuses on using data science to study the universe. Bianco is a joint professor at the University of Delaware, is the principal investigator of Federica Astrostatistics Lab (FASTLab), and coordinates more than 1,500 scientists for the 2023 Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Science Collaboration to discover new galaxies and stars in the southern sky. Bianco is also a boxer who goes by the title “The Mad Scientist.”


Steambathe t1_itrx50m wrote

But also if the aliens need a good reminder of who is the boss of Earth.


eroi49 t1_itrzove wrote

And here I thought it was a random dude who assembles boxes. Which is a good gig….


doubleapowpow t1_itr09aw wrote

Depends on the boxer. Could be Mike Tyson's Mystery Team.


rationalcrank t1_itr2z75 wrote

The NASA team also includes a ghost, an Asian American teen and a talking pigeon.


Meteor_VII t1_itudcvz wrote

Finally someone will get to the bottom of thith!


Moorepizza t1_ittcowu wrote

What other things could it be if not alien though? In todays world, if its human made its clearly trackable (drone, satellite, weather balloon) you dont need a special team to rule out some options like that


vince_irella t1_itvl78c wrote

Those things aren’t always clearly trackable, though. Those videos that the jet pilots took that came out within the last couple of years all have a much more reasonable explanation than “alien spacecraft”.

It’d be nice to have better education around this.


MinisTreeofStupidity t1_itue70k wrote

UFO = balloon, star, Jupiter, Venus, ISS, NOSS, kite and plane

*Edit, forgot to mention streetlight, a top post on /r/ufos


Fredissimo666 t1_itusqxc wrote

It's not a bad panel but not enough expertise in infared cameras and aviation. Like 2-3 people on the most relevant topics. Also, too much expertise in extraterrestrial stuff.

We should expect that most UFOs have earthly explainations. They should be matching images with plane position data first.


samcrut t1_itrq5r5 wrote

Few years back, I was working with a film crew on a road movie that had us shooting from Texas to California. I think it was in Arizona that some rando came up to us at a gas station and asked if we were media. "Well, kinda. I mean, not today, but most of us do work with the media regularly." "You need to watch this." He handed my partner an 8mm video tape. Fortunately, we had a High8 camcorder in the truck that played 8mm tapes, so a few days later when I had some downtime, I assembled the gear and ingested the footage.

The guy was in the backyard with the camera shooting up in the sky at dusk. He zoomed in on something bright in the sky near the horizon. It was triangular and had me scratching my head, mostly because it was a really LONG recording and I was jumping around on the footage and missed the bits that gave it away.

At some point the guy said "They get brighter as the sun goes down and it gets darker. Sometimes the lights' get brighter and dimmer, they twinkle."

That's when I figured it out. When you zoom all the way on cameras like that, the focus goes out and a point light source takes on the shape of the camera iris, in this case, 3 fins in the iris made a triangle. He was aiming at Venus. The "twinkling" ones were when he was pointed at stars.

This dude told us he had hundreds of tapes of similar recordings and couldn't get anybody to take him seriously. I had no way to get back in touch with him to explain what he was seeing since the crew had moved on down the road before I looked at it. He figured once the media saw it, he would be able to reach out to the news when they ran the story. I'm sure he's out there to this day recording the triangle spaceships orbiting our planet.


Urbanredneck2 t1_itttttu wrote

Thing is the Air Force (I think) DOES have an some advanced triangular shaped craft with a glowing round ball shape in the middle that does look like something from outer space and may use anti-gravity propulsion. Google it. Not sure of the name.


samcrut t1_itv4msn wrote

Doesn't matter what exists if that's not what he was shooting. This was not a UFO or UAP. It was Venus. All of his tapes are going to be of the same thing. If he ever used a different camera, the "ships" would change shape.


ConfirmedCynic t1_itrylo8 wrote

A boxer in case the need to punch out an alien (a la Independence Day) arises?

This is just click bait by the person who wrote the article. The boxer is an astrophysicist.


World_May_Wobble t1_itr1vsy wrote

This struck me as a joke as soon as I learned the budget for this team. My suspicions have been unambiguously confirmed.


SirMarglar t1_itsev10 wrote

Five seconds of research would've given you your answer. This team is led by highly respected astrophysicist David Spergel and it has the remit to ID unclassified data sets that may be useful for studying UAP.

That's it. That's why it's only $100k and 9 months.


Thismonday t1_itrms9j wrote

What’s the budget? I don’t have time to read the article


World_May_Wobble t1_its07l8 wrote

$100,000 or less [1] [2]

For 16 people, that's $6,250 per person. Probably around a month's salary for each person. "I'm going to take you and 15 other people who don't have relevant expertise and pay you to think about this problem for a month." That's how I read this.


Thismonday t1_its2lug wrote

That can’t be true. It breaks minimal wage laws.


World_May_Wobble t1_its5dvj wrote

Lol. $6250 would be the monthly salary of someone who makes $75,000 annually. That's around the salary I'd expect for an expert-tier professional in something like astrobiology or astrophysics.

That tells me that NASA can't be paying for more than a month of these people's time, and they can't be splurging on any tools besides a whiteboard and some markers.

Granted, they may not be dedicated to this project full-time, so they may spread it out over months, but this amounts to little more than a high profile brainstorming session.


throwaway23410689 t1_itt1vgr wrote

> House Committee of Intelligence (time stamped)

Yeah, I assume all these intelligence committees are just joking.


Gagarin1961 t1_itr4qav wrote

Not to mention, unidentified threats to national security wouldn’t be handled by fucking NASA.

What kind of joke is this? Are they just playing into the meme for political gain or are they using it as some kind of distraction? Or are they planning on releasing whatever fake story they want through these guys as if it were the truth?


LightningRodofH8 t1_itr88hw wrote

>Not to mention, unidentified threats to national security wouldn’t be handled by fucking NASA.

They're not. If they find something that they believe requires further national security investigation, it would be handed off to the appropriate authorities.


eltoroferdinando t1_itsektc wrote

There are other study groups being proposed and established, including within DOD.


newbies13 t1_itruq3r wrote

Huge miss to not include a CGI person of some kind.


Extremely-Bad-Idea t1_itr87ij wrote

"NASA team concludes that all human activity and history is a poorly thought out science project created by space aliens" . . . . headline from 'Science' magazine dated 2 years from now.


Funny_Magician_1 t1_itsxxyo wrote

What is the boxer going to do….. shake their fist to the sky…. ༼ ᕤ ºل͟º ༽ᕤ


boulevardpaleale t1_ittkywc wrote

i’m telling you, this is all complete bullshit! yes, sightings are increasing…. but, so is technology. there are more and more ‘skunkworks’ type projects happening now than ever before. not just in the US either. yes, they are going to be noticed more as our air travel capabilities increase. this whole thing, IMO, is more or less a rouse to goad people into pumping money into something we just don’t need right now….. the ‘space force’.

i am all for learning the ins and outs, and for funding research into things like interstellar travel. as this planet becomes more and more populated, we need to start finding ways of branching out. but, what we don’t need is to be cajoled into funding it via ‘scary little green men’.

until they land, get off their ship and start communicating with us, they are simply too busy, not interested, or have no idea that this tiny ass, inhabited, rocky planet, out literally in the middle of nowhere, even exists.


Urbanredneck2 t1_ittu1pl wrote

Correct. In the Ukraine war they are seeing lots of drone and advanced aircraft that they have no idea where they come from. I'm thinking lots of countries like Russia, china, US, and others are testing stuff.


FuturologyBot t1_itr1jbg wrote

The following submission statement was provided by /u/yourSAS:

The panel seems interesting although I have no idea why they decided to include a boxer (to decide hands-on fight stategy in case human v/s aliens?)

However, it's good to see them being open about this and share their analysis/findings. I hope this a good step in direction of disassociating the stigma that UFO = alien ship

Please reply to OP's comment here:


HeebieMcJeeberson t1_itr8e98 wrote

Sounds like the kind of ragtag band of misfits and renegades that can finally get the job done.


frealfr t1_itrawdn wrote

"A 16 people team"

I think AI is writing titles now.


Patty-Caked t1_itrvogv wrote

“Sir, it’s NASA. You’ve been activated. The gloves are off.”


Gyoza-shishou t1_itsa1en wrote

So is the boxer supposed to step in when MIB comes down on them with the Neuralyzer or...?


mediocrerhino t1_itsblg5 wrote

Add a snarky Pigeon and a dandy Ghost, then we’ve got the Mike Tyson’s Mystery Team. 🕊👻🥊


Unlimitles t1_itse9fb wrote

I bet a Gold award the Boxer is Mike Tyson....who's in?

lol This IDIOCRACY LAND!!! (Samuel L Jackson vc) it's going to be a spectacle show.


colbat45 t1_itsy35m wrote

Kinda bs they won’t be able to review any classified info. Seems like that’s the sort of info that would be most important.


throwaway23410689 t1_itt0u32 wrote

The amount of smooth brains in this comment section is astounding. Former presidents, NASA, DOD, CIA, Navy, etc have all come forward stating these things are real and we don't know what they are. Disclosure has already happened, y'all are just behind.

Department of Defense


Former President Obama

House Committee of Intelligence


warplants t1_itt8br9 wrote

> Former presidents, NASA, DOD, CIA, Navy

Cuz no one in the above group would lie to keep state secrets?


throwaway23410689 t1_ittca42 wrote

So they're all lying simultaneously along with China and multiple other nations? Are you braindead?


warplants t1_ittdi77 wrote

Do you even read your own links?

> Chinese researchers confirm that sighting reports from across the country are on the rise but aliens are unlikely to be responsible


throwaway23410689 t1_ittgmup wrote

Oh yeah because China wouldn't lie? Ask the Chinese government what happened in Tiananmen Square on June 4th, 1989.


warplants t1_itth6lr wrote

🤦‍♂️ You’re the one who referenced Chinese statements two posts up


throwaway23410689 t1_ittid8a wrote

"aliens are unlikely to be responsible" well I guess they arent entirely lying since they leave room for the truth which is they are here...


warplants t1_ittj4fl wrote

Uh huh. So to recap, you know they’re here because a bunch of known liars said so? Except they didn’t actually say so, but that’s expected because they’re liars. Is that the argument?


throwaway23410689 t1_ittjyap wrote

So Obama, NASA, DOD, FAA, fighter pilots, and astronauts are lying because? Why would they go through all this effort to lie? You also didn't respond to my other comment showing more proof. I feel like you're purposefully not responding to the other comment I made showing that these are also detected in the sea(page 9).


[deleted] t1_itt2ln7 wrote



Teauxny t1_ittf656 wrote

How in tf are you confused about the boxer??? Dint y'all see "Independence Day"???


Salesman89 t1_itth75r wrote

Yeah... they should just spill it. Rip the bandaid off.


saluboy t1_ituvryh wrote


Because this phenomena hasn't been known about for literal decades but NOW they're gonna "research" it. Get bent. NASA is asshoe.


jhmadden t1_ituwopd wrote

Scientists are just as gullible as the rest of the population when it comes to something outside of their field. They really should have a cinematographer (expert in practical camera effects), a meteorologist (expert in atmospheric phenomena), and a CGI artist (expert in faking things in images and video). They have aviation experts, a communications expert, and planetary scientists but there are so many gaps missing…


rakkoma t1_itv448k wrote

A boxer? Is a this a fucking joke lol I’m more qualified to discuss UFO’s at this point in my life. This reads like a bad novel.


OCE_Mythical t1_itvflbp wrote

I know this is a science sub where I should make engaging conversation but let's be real this is nuts, literally the plot to the wildest movie.


D-AlonsoSariego t1_itvkxj1 wrote

Would so many astrobiologist be needed? They are looking at pictures of flying objects, them having alien life inside shouldn't matter


NeuroptimusPrime t1_itxl118 wrote

Is NASA going to ask the following questions?

Did Kyle Odom witness mind over matter technology?

Did Kyle Odom astral project?

Was he attacked from the astral plane?

Do UFOs operate in the astral plane?

Is the Gateway Process document a valid assessment of consciousness-based physics manipulation?

Is there a synthetic telepathy program that uses artificial intelligence?

Is Dr. Robert Duncan an expert witness for the synthetic telepathy program?

Is Dr. Steven Greer an expert witness for the UFO program?

Are UFOs based on consciousness?

Is consciousness capable of teleportation, manifestation, astral projection, telekinesis, telepathy, remote viewing, multiple existence, possession, levitation, and zero-point energy?

Is there technology to pull zero-point energy from spacetime and use it to power anything?

Do anti-gravity vehicles use electromagnetics to generate a spacetime bubble with no g-force and reduced mass?

If the vehicle resonates faster than the speed of light, will it enter the astral plane and teleport anywhere in the universe?

Can it also exist in more than one place at the same time due to non-locality?

Does consciousness use the astral plane at all times, and is it a consciousness field in higher dimensions that exists outside of 4D spacetime?

Is it always telepathic and can be combined with consciousness augmentation technology or synthetic telepathy?

Can it view the static contents of the past as well as the probable contents of the future?

Can objects be manifested from the astral plane? Is this how UFOs are built without defect?

Are there different kinds of 3D aliens with this same technology, albeit mastered, and are they up to billions of years more advanced?

>zero-point tesla energy

>electromagnetic gravitics anti-gravity

>transdimensional non-local teleportation astral projection

>transdimensional synthetic telepathy and manifestation

>black projects

>kyle odom

>telepathic reality-bending network

>aliens that are potentially billions of years more advanced


Jnorean t1_itr3ovn wrote

LOL. Since the Team is heavily weighted towards extraterrestrial expertise, it's highly likely that they will be prejudiced toward explaining the phenomenon as possibly extraterrestrial in origin because that is the area in which their expertise lies. Probably should have just had some plain old weathermen since a lot of the UAPs seem to be weather related.


the_zelectro t1_itre3m4 wrote

That boxer is either super intelligent or super charismatic.

There is no in between.


Realistic_Wolf_3754 t1_itt7aee wrote

Maybe… it’s a “boxer” so they have someone available to box everything up and stick it in the attic.


the_zelectro t1_itt7m5l wrote

Let's be real, Joe Rogan just threatened to give these nerds a wedgie unless they let him help them talk to the aliens


Ross15 t1_itrmw41 wrote

A little while ago, discussing ufos/uap was treated as a joke by the government and could risk ones reputation; now, NASA has a team researching it.


Curleysound t1_itrqgup wrote

If they don’t have a loud drunk redneck on the team then what’s even the point?


HappyHighwayman t1_itsdn7c wrote

Aliens totally expended mind boggling amounts of energy to fly light years to buzz human beings and then take off.


warplants t1_itt9ev2 wrote

Specifically, to buzz fighter jets in designated Naval training areas.


FuzeJokester t1_itsmtmp wrote

B-but why a boxer? What? I'm so lost. Everything else makes sense but a boxer? Why? Their expertise is hand to hand combat... why would they need to be on a panel about UFOs?


AzLibDem t1_itswx75 wrote

And when they find nothing, people will scream "cover-up!"


Ardy_McHardy t1_itt4jqs wrote

A Boxer Ha!. "Welcome to Earth!.. Now that's what i call a close encounter". *Lights Cigar*


GraniteGeekNH t1_itr3qbd wrote

I am certain that all UAP will end up EAP if enough resources are spent on the search. But maybe the existence of this team will shut up all the "government is hiding aliens!" goofballs.

Yeah, sure it will.


squigglesthecat t1_itsd6no wrote

Well, NASA is basically the government, right? So anything they release is what the government wants you to think, right? Unless they come out and agree with me, then it's totally for reals. I win again, just like always!


vRaptr2 t1_itrkl0h wrote

Keep that same energy for the next 5 years


throwaway23410689 t1_itt1rgh wrote


warplants t1_itt931u wrote

I read your links, watched the timestamped video for a few minutes. Didn't find a single statement that even remotely approaches support for your assertion.

Maybe you could directly quote which statements you think are most relevant?


Ok-Satisfaction1025 t1_ittb6ug wrote

“I’m going to assume your parents are related if you don’t agree with me” LOL.


throwaway23410689 t1_ittc34z wrote

Former President Obama

I know you're a bit slower but if you can't come to the conclusion there's more to UAPs than "there's a prosaic explanation" I don't want a reply.


warplants t1_ittddg6 wrote

> there’s footage of objects in the sky and we don’t know what they are

That’s alien disclosure to you?


throwaway23410689 t1_ittggum wrote

Obama called them aliens on Instagram yesterday, watch his latest reel. Also they aren't just objects in the sky. They are also seen in our seas(page 9). The USG now classifies them as Aerospace-Undersea Phenomena. Whatever they are, they aren't from here.


mr-english t1_itt0dxe wrote

“Weather balloon, weather balloon, drone, weather balloon…”


GoldHorizonGames t1_itrcwo8 wrote

Ah I see were giving too much money to NASA and not enough to the average Joe


jphamlore t1_ittj3ak wrote

The real story is that the ability to keep improving a lot of legacy military hardware is collapsing in a manner disturbingly similar to the debacle occurring in Russia, where Russia had planned to produce by now something like 2300 T-14 Armata tanks, but wound up with near zero, and those tanks have a critical defect.

Why US Air Force is Making Aerial Refueling HARDER?

UAPs are UFOs is a convenient fiction that somewhere out there is superior technology. The hard truth is we can't even duplicate what we used to make 50 or more years ago, due to our inability to train actual leaders who can run projects.

Try to give a date when human astronauts will once again return to the surface of the Moon.


[deleted] t1_itqx6ba wrote



IndyDude11 t1_itr1trr wrote

Because this boxer also happens to be an astrophysicist and data scientist. That was left out of the headline for the clicks, though.


samcrut t1_itrqoka wrote

They need to get Brian May on the team so they can clickbait with "Rock God" too.


BeowulfsGhost t1_itrt54v wrote

Ah I see it now, I was scanning at the job titles and missed it in the details…


j__z t1_its65u0 wrote

I get reddit is toxic but shitting on people with brain damage for kicks is in bad taste