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Significant_Sign t1_iu0crnu wrote

Well, I find it difficult to appreciate the novel use of 'dark matter' just for buzzy-ness, but it is quite a breakthrough. Takes advantage of the level of technology we already have, we just need to use it differently.


Komnos t1_iu0ezjt wrote

Any bets on how long until we have to start explaining to people that cancer isn't caused by literal dark matter?


EightEqualsEqualsDe t1_iu0kg3l wrote

It is kinda funny to imagine the same thing causing uncontrolled growth of the universe is the same thing responsible for causing uncontrolled growth in human cells


ajmcgill t1_iu0v39v wrote

You’re confusing dark matter with dark energy. Dark energy is what’s causing the universe’s accelerating explanation


Sagebrush_Slim t1_iu21fd5 wrote

Is that like this big dick energy and tiger blood I hear the whippersnappers talking about these days?


imadethisaccountso t1_iu4ps08 wrote

I am not a lawyer but i thought mass and energy were related somehow


imafraidofmuricans t1_iu4vn0w wrote

"Dark" in astronomy and physics just means "we don't know wtf this is but the math says there is something".

Dark energy to cover the expansion, dark matter to cover why galaxies are more massive than they "should " be.


_Blackstar t1_iu17uyk wrote

Other way around though. Dark matter is believed to be the binding agent of the universe; gas and dust falls into the dark matter pockets that have coalesced over the eons and that creates everything from stars to galactic filaments. It's dark energy that's pushing the universe and causing it to grow exponentially.


Faruhoinguh t1_iu249lc wrote

the growth is from dark energy, not dark matter.


Significant_Sign t1_iu0j0il wrote

Not long. It only needs to get picked up by the correct "independent minded" channel/paper/zine and the people who do their own research will be trying to "own" their relatives at Thanksgiving.


Angelexodus t1_iu0vm1t wrote

It’s already known to the state of California to cause cancer.


starserval t1_iu4oup2 wrote

It seems like the common denominator is California. Perhaps it may be California that causes cancer?


pinkfootthegoose t1_iu0rjz5 wrote

I was thinking the same thing. Here come the conspiracy nuts.

I wish that the people that label these things would think a bit more of the social impact of using terms like this. freaking morons.


[deleted] t1_iu0wi61 wrote

Too late, I'm already adding an extra layer to my tinfoil hat.

^(/s just to be sure because you never know)


TennisADHD t1_iu0lw6u wrote

I bet no time.

How do you know that’s not what’s causing cancer?

I won the bet!


thedm96 t1_iu184ob wrote

I mean we all know it's 5G causing cancer.


Otfd t1_iu0ng2l wrote

Just to be clear, dark matter is causing cancer correct?




bonelessevil t1_iu148a6 wrote

Came here, because I thought somehow dark matter caused cancer


draculamilktoast t1_iu1yvc2 wrote

It's intentional. Make people so confused they'll have to actually read the manual for once.


Wildpeanut t1_iu215dj wrote

Admittedly that’s what I thought the article was trying to imply. Which is why jargon, or field specific terms should not be used liberally outside of their field of origin. This is especially true for medicine which has its own massive vocabulary and can be a complex and confusing field for laypeople. Why muddy the waters further?


soyarriba t1_iu22t6c wrote

I literally only clicked this bc of dark matter and immediately went it the comments to verify my suspicions lol.


admiralwarron t1_iu3eii9 wrote

I have an even better bet. How long until former celebs use their name to sell anti-darkmatter soaps and dark matter cleansing programs


Komnos t1_iu421md wrote

I'm sure Gwyneth Paltrow has something in the works. "Introducing organic, GMO-free Light Matter!"


Smellz_Of_Elderberry t1_iu4piew wrote

Omg cancer is caused by dark matter? The pieces are falling into place, it all makes sense now.


WiartonWilly t1_iu1ygm9 wrote

Why use a well known and well understood concept (epigenetics) when you can repurpose a completely different word from a very different branch of science? 🤔


Significant_Sign t1_iu2mgsh wrote

Yes! It's like they don't know we've been talking about epigenetics for more than 5 seconds and people are familiar with it. Even my mom has a passing familiarity and she is not a nerd of any persuasion. Except, they do of course know and this is grown adults still acting like they are adolescents trying to secure their in-group status with the cool kids. Boo to this buzzword marketing-speak becoming the norm in scientific circles.

Now if you'll excuse me, my back is aching.