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dontyouflap t1_iuwiev9 wrote

A Google search says 23 billion pounds of coffee are produced per year globally. And the US consumes 860 billion pounds of gasoline a year. So if the coffee grounds are able to produce 1:1 gasoline by weight, not accounting for the energy needed to make it, the entire world's coffee grounds could make enough fuel for 2.6% of America's current needs


ShaunWhiteIsMyTwin t1_iuwmqva wrote

The headline says it could replace palm oil, not gasoline.


dontyouflap t1_iuwr3m4 wrote

To make biofuel. Which is used in place of gasoline


Ansollis t1_iuwthxc wrote

I don't think bio-fuel is a direct replacement for gasoline. Most blends of bio-fuel for cars still has a good chunk of gasoline in it and even then you need a specific kind of car to be able to handle that fuel