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LiteVolition t1_iuwuez8 wrote

EDIT: The downvotes to these comments show just how little the average Redditor knows about energy generation and the limitations of storage tech, battery investments, the limits of project capability and the impending limited access to global resources given the Russian situation.

There’s literally no other way to create power. You can grow plants which sequester CO2 and then burn it and release the same CO2 or you can crack open the earth to release additional CO2 with no sink in the loop to capture it back.

And don’t mention wind and solar. Those devices have tons of issues. Nuclear is good but takes decades to come online. We need to do this as well.


Summonest t1_iuwyi09 wrote

>And don’t mention wind and solar. Those devices have tons of issues.



Davey-Gravy t1_iux0tq2 wrote

Solar and wind resource is not where the demand is. The issue is in transmission from more remote areas to urban centers.

This is not to say that we shouldn't be rapidly expanding wind/solar capacity, it's just not a catch-all solution for power generation.


Summonest t1_iuxuoqu wrote

Solar and wind can cover the majority of the grid during high demand times, and nuclear can cover it for the rest of the time. I don't think we need to be putting investments into better ways to throw carbon into the air.