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mule_roany_mare t1_iuz17a0 wrote

>but I really don't understand it.

That's fine, but you have to take people's word for it who do.

Clothes feel gross when you've sweat through them. Starting your day & ending every trip drenched in sweat is a drop in a persons quality of life.

I live in a city where public transportation is pretty good & often better than a car. Lots of people don't & introducing a giant PITA will make their days tougher.


jamanimals t1_iuz49or wrote

My point is that there are lots of jobs where you're going to get sweaty during the day. Hell, many tropical climates have lots of people on mopeds. Surely you're getting sweaty on a moped in a similar fashion to a bike?


mule_roany_mare t1_iuzmefj wrote

> Surely you're getting sweaty on a moped in a similar fashion to a bike?


You don't sweat more when you exercise than when you sit on a chair?


jamanimals t1_iv0fbgb wrote

Riding a moped in a hot, humid environment is surely going to make you sweaty.

As the other poster noted, most of their coworkers would rather take an uber to meetings than walk because they have clients to meet and want to stay fresh. That is definitely a niche group of individuals with specific needs, and if they feel they want to drive everywhere, so be it.

But they shouldn't dictate to the rest of society that biking and walking places can't be done.


mule_roany_mare t1_iv0zhwi wrote

A hot humid environment can make a person sweaty.

Riding a bike can make a person sweaty in a cool dry environment. Exertion can even make people sweat in winter.

Not being inside a climate controlled car for trips will de facto reduce people’s quality of life.


jamanimals t1_iv18q0x wrote

See, that's where I think this is an exaggeration. Plenty of people spend time outside on cold days, or on incredibly hot days. Some do it for work, some do it for fun, some do it just because, and some do it because they have no choice.

Forcing everyone in society to be in a car to get anywhere, on the off chance that they might not want to be hot or cold, is far more harmful for those who either don't care, or can't afford or use a car for whatever reason.

That is why I say reducing car use isn't necessarily going to reduce people's quality of life, because a lot of people's quality of life is already miserable because there are no alternatives to car use.

Mind you, this is a very North American (plus some Australia/NZ/UK) perspective, so it doesn't fully apply globally, but many countries around the world are attempting to model the US' car dependent infrastructure, which will have disastrous effects, not only climate-wise, but also quality-of-life wise.


mule_roany_mare t1_iv2v5sk wrote

Who is forcing everyone to do anything?

you said that relying on public transport & bikes won’t reduce any one’s quality of life.

Even if you don’t care about physical exertion & sweat a car runs on your schedule & can leave anytime you want.


jamanimals t1_iv2xu60 wrote

>Who is forcing everyone to do anything?

If you look at North American planning, the only thing that ever gets funded is single family sprawl and car infrastructure. Public transit gets barely any budget and bike infrastructure isn't even considered. So car dependency is forcing me to drive everywhere, and it's mandated by the government.

> a car runs on your schedule & can leave anytime you want.

So do bikes, and good public transit can be just as convenient, if not moreso, than cars, because bikes and trains are much more efficient at moving people and don't get stuck in traffic.