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Viper_63 t1_iv5kmom wrote

>I'm not going to engage with this.

Nor are you going to engage your other fallacies I take it? Like the actual costs? Or your inane comparison of space exploration with naval travel? Or how Moore's laws is supposed to factor into this at all?

You're simply salty because I'm calling you out on your nonsensical claims.

>that SpaceX/Elon Musk is lying and that the whole industry is out to grift us

How is any of this up to debate, given their claims regarding Starship, Mars colonies, Starlink paying for all of this? "The whole industry" you are imagining here doesn't exist as far "Space [Tourism/Mining/Manufacturing]" is concerned, and those CGI space hotels have been debunked numerous times as attempts to defraud investors becasue they are not feasible on basically every level. This is hardly the first time this has been pointed out on this subreddit.

My man, if you can't back up your claims you have no arguments.