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sector3011 OP t1_iuyvkis wrote

The Congo peatlands are a huge carbon “timebomb” that could be triggered by the climate crisis, research has shown.

The peatlands, which span the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo, are the largest in the tropics and cover 17m hectares (42m acres). They store a vast amount of carbon – the equivalent of three years of global fossil fuel emissions. They are also threatened by logging and oil and gas exploitation.


warling1234 t1_iuz42vn wrote

The west could care less until it impedes every day life. This article is still too young.


Ishidan01 t1_iuzgg9z wrote

which of course is way too late, like ignoring the cut on your foot until the gangrene makes it hard to even hobble


Joeb667 t1_iuzq778 wrote

That’s… actually an interesting way of putting it.


mammaluigi39 t1_iuzsz9q wrote

I know someone has already stated it but that is an amazing analogy.


foxrun89 t1_iv0qqpt wrote

Yep. It’s going to get worse every year until we all die or kill each other for basic resources.


Roboticpoultry t1_iv0xqzf wrote

Now, I’m not a betting man but with the tensions in Asia and Iran and the war in Ukraine I’d put my money on self-imposed extinction while fighting over whatever resources we haven’t plundered yet


Bigmouthblog t1_iv0q6kd wrote

No one is ignoring it you jackass... Technology and the world is working on it everyday it just is a slow process .. you're just the type that uses cars n planes etc JUST as much or more than anyone else. You just want to FEEL superior to others by're not


arbyD t1_iv0qt6u wrote

Wow, you sure gleamed a lot of insight based on that comment.


RainbowDissent t1_iv0v2bv wrote

> No one is ignoring it you jackass...

Maybe when sea levels rise, the water will force you out of that rock you're living under.


FantasyThrowaway321 t1_iv0qtyj wrote

Can you clarify one thing, please:

You don’t think people are ignoring climate change?


Your_Comment_isWrong t1_iv0brjo wrote

>The west could care less until it impedes every day life. This article is still to young.

The same could be said about the non west. Let's not act like it's always the bad west. Because atleast they try changing for the good.

Non west? Could give two fucks less.


sovietmcdavid t1_iv0n5kf wrote

And india and China who polute more than the US or Canada. It's not just one region


cyberpunk6066 t1_iv0trsh wrote

Culminative pollution USA/Europe/Japan is still way ahead


nagi603 t1_iv0ptus wrote

> The west could care less until it impedes every day life.

I think you severely overestimate the amount of care.


Bigmouthblog t1_iv0pib8 wrote

Do you drive a car and fly in planes and use electricity Warling?? Humm?? Why don't you live without those things? I already know the answer...cause you're a hypocrite .... And because you can't. You just like to act all high and mighty and lecture others to seem like you're better than everyone else...while you are actually EXACTLY like everyone else.., you 'climate activists are all the same.


yesmrbevilaqua t1_iuzyfve wrote

It’s only a problem if they burn the peat for fuel, which seems difficult to the unbearably humid Congo


Thelaea t1_iv02fq4 wrote

Peat is organic matter which is preserved due to wet/waterlogged conditions. If the environment becomes drier it will start to decompose and release carbon all on its own.