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Used to do ag research for the USDA. Many of the papers coming out of China used the wrong math, wrong area of study/said they were experimenting in a tropical environment but the study area was in a arid climate. One in particular I remember laughing at. The PT equation for the evaporation of water has a variable that differs for the type of environment of study (ocean, lake, alpine, etc) the Chinese researchers used the variable for the ocean but their study site was a semi-arid in west central china.


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I've been seeing a ton of these china positive posts here lately. And the usual pro china trolls. Almost like they are trying to distract from someones final step to dictator for life.

Edit: The downvotes have confirmed my claim. Remember. China has no access to new chip technology. So any claims to revolutionary breakthroughs are a complete fabrication. And this subreddit is completely overrun by China's 50 cent army. Hey... Xi's fan boys. Go back to posting pandas every time your government makes a stupid decision.


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China should be punished for paying people to spread fake news, taking advantage of the free speech


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You’re getting downvoted, but this sub has become a literal cesspool of both subtle and outward anti-west sentiment as well as authoritarian sympathizing. You get downvoted for calling it out. I would usually accept benefit of the doubt on an issue like this, in a sub like this, but Reddit generally speaking has been subject to a pretty big wave of both those sentiments. The CCP’s goals include eventually controlling global status quo, having the ability to censor anti-China rhetoric worldwide, and using their growing influence to destabilize and hopefully destroy every major Democracy in existence. The really unsettling aspect of this is that it isn’t some baseless conspiracy nor are those statements based off of anecdote. There is a plethora of credibly sourced information from agencies around the world (not just in the west) spanning from scientific research to higher academia to tried and true first hand journalism. If you try to provide any of these sources, the conversation gets derailed quickly and you’re either stuck with someone claiming that all western media/research is fake, or they go full “whataboutism” and start naming things the west has done wrong in the past even though those things are entirely unrelated to the conversation that was taking place. Don’t let the downvotes discourage you, keep speaking up, and be aware that the Chinese troll farms are exapansive enough to make any thread look like what they want it to.

The CCP historically foams at the mouth for making China look like it is the most technologically advanced society in the world and that no one holds a candle to their innovation. It’s basically propaganda, but their strategy for spreading that propaganda is unlike any historical example we have because it is on an absolutely massive scale comparatively.