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Fausterion18 t1_ive9ghj wrote

Nothing in your post is even remotely the truth.

  1. Power companies use renewable energy sources themselves. They don't like rooftop solar with feed in tariffs because you're not paying for transmission costs. Generation is only one part of the total cost of electricity. Plus utilities profit is highly regulated.

  2. Insurance companies do not care about your rooftop solar unless it makes it more expensive for them in the event of a claim such as in areas with frequent storm damage.

Solar works great in the US in areas that support it. And contrary to your claim, it's the solar lobby that has the upper hand over the utilities companies. In California for example, all new construction homes are required to have solar, and natural gas is scheduled to be banned on new homes starting next year.


VdomanFla t1_iveoz27 wrote

Try those points you make… but in Florida. Solar adoption is slow because the power companies want to generate ALL the power and charge you for it. Duke Energy in Fla has our asshole Governor in their pocket. Every time they meet, Duke gets more of an advantage.