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Masark t1_ivfm07z wrote

Snow doesn't actually affect solar that much. At latitudes where snow is significant, the panels will be tilted enough that the snow largely just falls off.


ChildrenAreOurDoom t1_ivfoamr wrote

i've head that before, but my aunt has to go out with a broom and brush the snow off her tilted panels after heavy storms.


alexanderpas t1_ivfwlnl wrote

> after heavy storms.

Which means that regular snow doesn't affect the panels that much.

It's only after heavy storms that you want to clear the panels, which is no different than the clearing of the roof you would need to do anyways.


Adventurous_Ad4950 t1_ivgjyrx wrote

There should be better maintenance systems for domestic PVs. Not everyone has the ability to climb on the roof and clear snow every time there’s a heavy storm (and hello climate degradation). Hiring a service to do it for you is not in everyone’s budget either.