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improbablyatthegame t1_ivfqr8i wrote

Just had a quote run here in Texas. $45,000…no storage battery included.


randomusername8472 t1_ivfxra6 wrote

For an amount comparable to 2.2kWh!? That's insane!


improbablyatthegame t1_ivgrq0a wrote

19kWh system, 49 panels.


randomusername8472 t1_ivguvr9 wrote

That's about 10x the size of mine, so actually not too surprised it's 10x the price!

To have that much solar power on my house in the UK I think I would need to register as a power station, if I wanted to also connect and input to the grid! (Don't hold me to that, it's just anything up to 5kW has a really simplifying process and no planning permissions or needed or anything).

In the UK average houses only really need 2-3kW system, which would basically meet all needs in the summer but not really touch the sides of usage in winter - we get so little sunlight in the winter it's not even worth trying.

It's very, very rare for a residential property to have above a 5kW system.

But then, we don't really use cooling and we tend to use natural gas for heating. So while we only use 10-15kwH of electricity per day, we use a lot more in natural gas for heating over the winter.


GutFeelingonTheLong t1_ivggjor wrote

Call project solar. They seem to have the best rates in our area of TX. We had quotes from 5 companies and they were the best quote by far. I found Project Solar by researching on the solar Reddit page.


improbablyatthegame t1_ivgi3ud wrote

I can’t get my head wrapped around it just yet. According to their calculations, for 75% offset I’d still be looking at 25k over 20 years, not accounting for local hoa regulation issues, not accounting for system standard degradation over the loan term, unable to get data from the providers myself and are locked into their app, not accounting for an increase to my insurance policy.

The list of issues really grows large for a basic setup.


GutFeelingonTheLong t1_ivgl1cm wrote

Well HOAs are legally bound to allow for solar installations (Section 202.010(b) of the Texas Property Code states that “a property owners’ association may not include or enforce a provision in a dedicatory instrument that prohibits or restricts a property owner from installing a solar energy device.”). Most warranties on our quotes were 25 years - the equipment under this warranty is guaranteed to produce around 90% on the guaranteed starting production. Not trying to talk you into anything. Just made sense financially in the long run for us.