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Ok_Dependent1131 t1_ivfuhbj wrote

Yup. But cooling costs could be zero after a few years when the ROI of the panels and batteries is worked down.


ChildrenAreOurDoom t1_ivg0ufv wrote

It makes no sense for me to cut down trees that provide me with a lot of cooling benefit, hurt the ability of the planet to absorb air pollution, hut the ability of the ground to absorb storm water, hurt the planet for the production, shipping, and resource extraction to make the panels and batteries, and to make my property look barren, just so i can use generated energy for cooling.


Ok_Dependent1131 t1_ivgjkpt wrote

I mean, I have trees around my house but I wouldn’t have to fell them completely to get sun to hit my roof. It’s not all or nothing. Also people can put solar panels on the ground too but city living makes that tougher