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abc_warriors t1_ivlituw wrote

Meanwhile in new Zealand

Renewables increased to 82.1% for 2021


oiseauvert989 t1_iwsjytv wrote

That's great but NZ has a huge amount of hydro power which means it is playing on easy mode.

NZ really should be at 100% renewable already. NZ has more or less the same situation as Uruguay but Uruguay is already at 100%. The hydro already exists, all that is needed are a few solar panels and turbines and the job is done.

Of course Australia also needs to up it's game. 70% shouldn't be a once off for Australia, it should be the average for the year.


abc_warriors t1_iwskhpj wrote

Totally agree. Our government declared a climate emergency last year but there is not a push for solar on roofs with a subsidy or alternative power