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SweetBiscuit t1_ivecz66 wrote

Not just that, but the relentless criticism of hydrogen for not immediately being green.

Case in point, we had a proof of concept tanker ship transport hydrogen from Australia to Japan recently, and most of the comments were attacking it because the hydrogen was made via fossil fuels rather than focusing on the feat itself (and at the same time they're still making posts about it being impossible to transport?)

Redditors seem completely fine accepting that batteries are currently charged with electricity from fossil fuels, and that eventually it will all be renewables - and that's 100% ok, but why is hydrogen not allowed the same grace period?

The money is in green hydrogen, all the big companies know that. But first they need to test the logistics of it all using what we currently have (brown/blue hydrogen).

My other pet peeve is how Reddit will steer every argument back to small passenger cars, BEV vs FCEV. Cars are only one piece of the puzzle, and hydrogen is not competing with your teslas


TG-Sucks t1_ivflzuy wrote

Make a post anywhere, futurology, science, doesn’t matter, that has anything to do with hydrogen technology, and watch the armchair scientists of Reddit gather with their pitchforks and rehashed, tired arguments. You can set your clock to it. It’s absolutely absurd, every year there’s more and more money invested in hydrogen technology, including by some of the biggest companies in the world, yet these idiots think they are sitting on some deep insight that CTO’s and top engineers all over the world are just missing, because they watched some video on YT.

Doesn’t matter, hydrogen tech is coming either way, but 40 years from now these people will still maintain that they’re right and it’s all just a scam.