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SweetBiscuit t1_iveepxe wrote

>the major issue with hydrogen and the reason it's not competitive with BEV's and never will be.

Even if this were true (it's not), small passenger vehicles are just a small piece of the decarbonisation puzzle, it's extremely narrow minded to keep coming back to this argument.

>Using our precious green energy for it is a waste.

The fact is, green energy is not precious in some places. We have vast solar and wind arrays in the Australian desert that make green energy out the wazoo, but getting that energy to where it's needed is a different story.

They actually make so much excess green energy that they're mining bloody cryptocurrency with it.

From the above article:

"Renewable energy projects are already not being allowed to connect to the grid due to curtailment and others are suffering heavy losses when they switch off at times of low consumption,” he said. “We keep using the power 24/7 and that’s a huge benefit to the renewables developers, it makes their projects more financially viable. “We are basically like a sponge. We soak up the excess that’s not used.”

What the plan is - is instead of letting crypto grifters use it to make imaginary internet coins, we use it to make green hydrogen on site, which can then be loaded onto ships and shipped anywhere in the world, particularly places like Japan with very little access to their own wind and solar.

And this is what's happening now here in Western Australia. The projects are already underway, the infrastructure is being built, and the contracts with Japan already signed. None of this is hypothetical.

So why fight it? Green energy, exported to the world. Should be right up /r/futurology 's alley.