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springlord t1_ivgf3kq wrote

Maybe India could finish cleaning the mess they did with the anti-satellite missile detonations of 2019, before sending more junk up there...?


iNstein t1_ivfd6c2 wrote

Why are countries still persuing space stations? We need to establish bases on rocky bodies (moons, planets and asteroids). Space stations are yesterday's tech.


AugustusClaximus t1_ivhrve6 wrote

There is still so much to learn about life in microgravity. And living in Orbital space stations isn’t going anywhere. If you are thinking long long term it’s more likely we’ll be disassembling planets to produce O’Neill Cylinders since planets are an inefficient use of matter.


interestingpanzer t1_ivj6o84 wrote

Information isn't shared as freely as people think. A nation having its own space station goes a long way in studying the effects of space on individuals and trialing ways to sustain operations over the long term on other planets / moons.


QuantumThinkology OP t1_iveoetb wrote

India plans to have its own space station by 2035 and is also eyeing deep space missions, human space flights, cargo missions and putting multiple communication satellites into orbit at the same time


FrostedCupcakeqp t1_ivgitg0 wrote

Perhaps first India should save 600 million of its population from poverty


YetAnotherWTFMoment t1_ivhua7e wrote

Space programs are a handy way for governments to expand their military budgets without actually saying they're spending it on miltiary budgets.


Ducky181 t1_ivnkciv wrote

The country of India has reduced the levels of extreme poverty from 22.5% in 2011 to 9.8% in 2019.

They are scheduled to eliminate extreme poverty by 2030.


TheDonaldQuarantine t1_ivw4sf1 wrote

Compare that to china just changing the definition of poverty, the real race between India and China will be clean tap water


BangEnergyFTW t1_ivfxtri wrote

What a waste of money considering the planet is dying rapidly.


SentientHotdogWater t1_ivg32m6 wrote

We live on a planet where dog clothing is a multimillion dollar industry and you're attacking space exploration as a waste of money?...


Pbleadhead t1_ivg1w4t wrote

hmm. planet is dying, better not try to go anywhere else.

good plan. great plan. cant wait till the sequel: sun is dying better not try and leave the solar system.


BangEnergyFTW t1_ivg50xn wrote

Cool we can explore space instead of spending resources on planning for regrowth and the coming hellstorm of resource wars and mass migrations. Coooool.


HungryHungryHippoes9 t1_ivgcemc wrote

You realize we can work towards exploring space and saving the planet at the same time, right?