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zapporian t1_ivhrbs9 wrote

Bats and birds eat them. And the males are pollinators (and ofc don't suck animal blood; only the females do, for egg-laying)

And there's probably more cascading elements that I'm not aware of, but at a minimum they (and their larvae) are a fairly abundant food source for all kinds of small animals (incl amphibians, fish, etc)

There isn't really any animal in the natural world that doesn't have some kind of a supportive role somewhere, outside of pure internal parasites and the like.


jimmymerc89 t1_ivjxfot wrote

What about panda?


Soepoelse123 t1_ivk3jum wrote

Chinese have removed their forrests, so now they don’t really serve a purpose. They did beforehand and was top notch evolved to their specific function.


DanTrachrt t1_ivhrh24 wrote

As the top level comment mentioned, they’re a food source for bats, and also spiders and many other animals and even carnivorous plants in the right areas.

Eliminating mosquitoes can quickly mess up the entire food chain.


J3diMind t1_ivhuubd wrote

male mosquitoes do a lot of pollination work iirc. and they are food for larger animals. something something, circle of live..