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PM_me_Jazz t1_ivs65rd wrote

I get where you are coming from, but it's a bit tasteless to paint Africa as 'needy', when the western world is basically the original cause of their problems


tubz87 t1_ivs8a54 wrote

Yeah but that's not the point here, is it? It's that people are rightfully surprised that an African country (Uganda in particular) is involved with a space program when many, if not most of their people aren't have some of their basic needs met.

Government spending is a zero-sum game; every penny spent on one thing is a penny that isn't being spent somewhere else.


Vast-Classroom1967 t1_ivsg370 wrote

Many people in America don't have their basic needs met. There are millions of people that get seriously sick, but don't have insurance to go see a doctor. Over 500,000 homeless and some of us don't care enough, so we make their lives a living hell by creating obstacles where we won't allow a human being to rest. Should we not go to space because sewage is running through some people's back yards in America? Should we not advance in any way because our food and water supply is contaminated? Isn't our infrastructure crumbling? We have bridges falling on people but we don't care enough to repair them. We have plastics in our bodies. If the people in Africa are solving their issues, but not in the order you want, too bad.


tubz87 t1_ivshcim wrote

The difference is that we have the money to deal with those things, but lack the political will.

Most of Africa flat-out doesn't have the money to be wasting on space programs.


Vast-Classroom1967 t1_ivsi4g8 wrote

If you have the same results, the why does not matter to the people suffering.


fiddler013 t1_ivslmh8 wrote

That just makes US look worse in comparison. Not better.


Danobi2 t1_ivtstr7 wrote

Exactly what I’m saying, but people have eaten the bulletin board and are spewing every media narrative


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Vast-Classroom1967 t1_ivshq91 wrote

Some of us have it good, some don't. If everyone is not good, we aren't there yet.


Vast-Classroom1967 t1_ivshydu wrote

A shit hole that's building body parts. Are we building body parts? Nah, we undertreating patients here.