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Advanced-Payment-358 t1_ivqh07h wrote

Lol single shot guns don't count. Yes, those can be built from scratch, but they are pretty much as effective as melee weapons.

Black powder does not also suit in automatic weapons, it leaves over 50% solid residue, which will foul the mechanism and cause a jam quickly. It also has 1/3 of power of smokeless propellants. There is formulation called ammonpulver which is based on ammonium nitrate, and is currently being researched as a substitute for NC.


SouthEasternGuy t1_ivskju1 wrote

As effective as melee weapons? Shinzo Abe had no vitals after 10 minutes

If someone is essentially gone that fast, that’s extremely effective as a weapon. It took hours to declare him dead by doctor but he was actually dead the entire time

Shocked the whole world


Advanced-Payment-358 t1_ivtu65u wrote

Single shot assassin guns are a totally different animal than combat weapons. The guy could have lodged a diy grenade at Abe, worse yet, do it Middle East style.