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Al_Rascala t1_ivqoma6 wrote

Not having looked into either lathes or printing myself at all, would 3D printing a lathe be feasible? Building the tools to build the tools, as it were.


DarthElevator t1_ivs4ado wrote

3d printing a lathe isn't feasible with current 3d printing technology, due to accuracy, surface finish, etc. But interestingly enough a metal lathe is a machine that can be used to make a better version of itself.


pauljs75 t1_ivyovfw wrote

In that regard, a crappy 3D printed lathe is about 3 generations away from a somewhat decent lathe. (As machined by subsequent creations with improving tolerances.)


MadDonnelaith t1_ivrowod wrote

There is a fantastic book called "Build Your Own Metal Working Shop From Scrap" that details how to make a working metal foundry and build a lathe and a drill press. I've worked through parts of it, I was able to build a metal foundry and cast some of the first lathe parts. It's totally doable on your own. 3d printing a lathe probably wouldn't be super feasible, but it's doable by a determined person with the know-how.


SouthEasternGuy t1_ivzu5h1 wrote

You can but they’re pretty bank lathes. It would just be better to buy one yourself due to how much trouble it is and how finicky a 3D printed one is