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Ange1ofD4rkness t1_ivs6a1h wrote

I love these people who freak out about this. A Cheap $200 printer isn't going to pull off high quality. Even more it takes time to dial one in.

Plus if you want to 3D print a barrel, be my guess.

Even if that wasn't the case this is a losing battle. 3D printing is mostly open source. 3D printers themselves can be built with 3D printers (see Lulzbots and Prusas). And most Slicing software is free. Hosting sites, free! 3D modeling software, yep go plenty of free ones too.


HathanDart t1_ivsggsi wrote

What you said is simply false. A $180 Ender is more than enough to create any gatz you have the file for.


SouthEasternGuy t1_ivske49 wrote

Ender 3s can be had for under 200 and print as small as 5 microns as well as be accurate down to 1 micron lol. Print Shoot Repeat does this all the time with his ender.

Bed adhesion is solved with Elmer’s glue sticks

Temp and layer and infill are solved in the software and take 2 seconds to change the number

Save onto a file(or print remotely with octoprint)

Start the print, watch first layer, let it go for like 18 hours. Boom, gun receiver.


Ange1ofD4rkness t1_ivtaze2 wrote

I've seen what Ender's can produce by many friends, and then what my Buddy does with his and then what I can do with my Taz 6. There's clear differences when the price goes up