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lughnasadh OP t1_ivv0hx1 wrote

Submission Statement

This puts Waymo in the global lead when it comes to robo-taxis. Cruise in San Francisco is trialing a service with no safety drivers, but it only operates from 10pm-6am. Baidu is trialing operations in two Chinese cities without safety drivers, but are still basically in test mode, with very few operational cars.

If I were Uber or Lyft, I would be worried. You need these companies a lot more than they need you, if they need you at all.


blinknow t1_ivv0q6r wrote

And no tips 😂


TheRealJuksayer t1_ivwd8xc wrote

If there's a way I can make sure that tip goes to the vehicle itself and not the company... I think I would do it. These computers have a really good memory.