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Sirisian t1_ivv7m7a wrote

I cannot wait to see the no steering wheel vehicles on the road when they're finalized. The US a few months ago okayed such vehicles. Some people asked before why they had steering wheels and this is why. It's a whole regulatory process.


PurpEL t1_ivwuvhy wrote

Why bother having the chairs like that tho? There is a better way to use space


Richard_Ainous t1_ivwwf9e wrote

If you made it limo style people would fuck in them


Saint-Iroh t1_ivwyip1 wrote

Just put cameras in the taxi for people fucking



cannibaljim t1_ivx7y5j wrote

Then post the videos to pornhub. A second revenue stream for Waymo!


Toytles t1_ivy0fn2 wrote

Just make the interior a nice hard plastic that can be hosed down after each ride. Maybe even put automated nozzles in the ceiling and a drain on the floor.


merlinsbeers t1_ivy7fdp wrote

When they take out the driver's seat they can reverse all the seats. Way safer for passengers.