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04HondaS2000 t1_ivvals8 wrote

Is it cheaper than Uber?


x2040 t1_ivx67b2 wrote

I saw a comparison that had an Uber at $27 and a Waymo at $4.50 for same route and time


cjeam t1_ivxjxe4 wrote

Yeah but they’re both subsidising with VC money, just Uber less so now. It’s not a fair market comparison yet.


Toytles t1_ivy0lfj wrote

Are you serious? That’s fucking incredible 😳


baelrog t1_ivxcxzp wrote

Would the UBER drive be paid more than $22.50 in this case?


TheDieselTastesFire t1_ivy65sp wrote

Drivers for uber and Lyft do NOT make the money you pay to the company. It's not related at all. I drive Lyft and I get between 15%-35% of the fare. I've made $7.00 on an $80 ride before.


T0ysWAr t1_ivxeh5e wrote

Difference should be more as the notmal car is cheaper


R0ud41ll3 t1_ivxvmvz wrote

I imagine the driver's salary is a big part of the cost of running a taxi + Waymo needs to have attractive fees to get the maximum people having their first driverless taxi experience so they have to be way cheaper than Uber.