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professor_mc t1_ivvf7jz wrote

Waymo has been very active in Phoenix. I see their cars all over central Phoenix every day. We have straight roads and plenty of sun so pretty ideal operating conditions. I’m sure they will quickly expand the service area based on how many test runs they are making all across Phoenix. We have the Super Bowl here in 2023 and I bet they use that to show off their service.


astral1289 t1_ivxbal8 wrote

Yeah I’m trying to figure out what new here. I first rode in a driverless Waymo as the sole occupant of the van a couple years ago.


merlinsbeers t1_ivy7m0a wrote

I think this is about having more that are driverless. They've been mostly using passive drivers for safety and analysis up to now.


T0ysWAr t1_ivxef0z wrote

How much cheaper is it?


Cueller t1_ivy9633 wrote

Doesnt matter honestly. Fucking uber takes forever to find a driver in DC.