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Ambiwlans t1_ivwssw1 wrote

At this point, a waymo rep will show up in like 45seconds. They often tail their own vehicles.

But yes, you're required to stay. Imagine you're a passenger in a crash and the driver dies. Same rules apply.


fuzzy_viscount t1_ivy06rw wrote

Yeah that’s not gonna be sustainable and completely eliminates a labor benefit if you still need a human.


Cueller t1_ivy9ey0 wrote

Its for testing. And in a downtown area they can just station an accident recover car.

Given they have a dozen cameras on the car, pretty easy to have a fully documented accident for the police.


MegaNodens t1_ivwuzy8 wrote

That makes sense, I suppose it's way too soon to have this sort of thing on anything but a very short leash.